Product Review: Acuvue Contact Lenses

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have been wearing spectacles since 13 but I didn't try contact lens before. To be honest, I never think of trying to wear contact lens cos the power of my eyes is not too high, so I will only wear spec at night or during raining day.

However, I get a chance to try this Acuvue advance plus contact lens. It is a contact lens that designed to optimize eye comfort for first time wearers, just like me! This contact lens is also to those who long considered contact lenses who finally give it a try.

 Acuvue advance plus with HYDRACLEAR bi-weekly contact lenses features 3D comfort that optimize in three dimensions for new wearers from day one to 14, all day long.

 Since this will be my first time to wear contact lens, the optometrist has lead me to gone through a series of eye check up. This is totally different from the power check up that we usually have. This is a more advance and details check up of my eyes. While she checking my eyes, she was also keep explaining the function of each tool. The whole process took an hour to complete. It was a great session where I get to know more about my eyes. When it's end of the session, the optometrist told me that my eyes are really healthy and didn't have any infection :) GREAT!

After the session, she teach me on how to wear the contact lens. Since it was my first time and first attempt, I find it a bit hard to wear the lens. My eyes are reluctant to wear the lenses. However, I still managed to wear and take off the lens. Besides, she have also teach me the right method to wash the contact lens.

Acuvue advance with HYDRACLEAR is really great! It has been more than 3 weeks to wear the contact lens and I feel comfortable with it. The lenses are colourless. I can even see things clearly now during day time and night time.

The features of 3D comfort does optimize comfort to me. How does it work actually?

Packed in a solution with "tear-like" osmolality, Acuvue advance plus provides instant comfort from the first moment of wear. When I first wear it, it doesn't feel comfortable and I feel the pain in my eyes. However, my eyes started feeling good and comfortable after awhile.

Daylong Comfort
HYDRACLEAR technology packs a moisture-rich wetting agent into the lens matrix for long lasting comfort from morning to nights. Since I need to work from 9-6pm, my eyes still feeling good after that. This is definitely a good choice to all the white collar people who working for long hours.

Day 14 Comfort
Fresh pair of lens every 2 weeks ensures consistent comfort from Day 1 to Day 14. Replacing the lenses every 2 weeks means putting on fresh new lenses more frequently compared to wearing monthly modality lenses.

In addition, Acuvue Advance plus contact lens also provide breathability, UV protection and ease of handling. I'm really happy with this lenses and you could experience it too. It is now available at all major optical shops in Malaysia. Each pack of 3 pairs or 6 contact lenses retails at RM69.

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  1. Wearing contact lens is much easier than I expected it to be! I tried the color lens during pre-wed photography but my eyesights are perfect so I stopped wearing after a few "plays" hahaha.

  2. I tried this contact lens before, not bad (: Really give me comfort!

  3. Thanks for the review...since I need to replenish my contact lens...and I'm using Acuvue(monthly basis) all this while, guess I should give it a try =)

  4. hmmm...i wonder if i should give contact lenses another try since my eyes are so dry and coupled with my bad habit of rubbing my eyes:P

  5. Dear YT,
    That's a good try!~ I wanna try to wear colour lens next time and my eyes can look bigger too :D

    Dear Hilda,
    Hi5!~ It is quite comfortable.

    Dear Melissa,
    Welcome :) No harm to give it a try~

    Dear MissyBlurKit,
    You can give it a try :) See if this lens ok for u?

  6. Hey, I posted a comment for you but it wasnt showing here :(

  7. Dear Hayley,
    It is showing now :)


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