Samsung Galaxy Note!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am a big fan Samsung Galaxy series and always keep an eyes on their latest update. It all started from the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone that I owning now. It was a present from my bf and it's also my first smartphone. I love it so much and it become my daily accompanied now because it has everything inside. Games, camera, daily schedule, email and many more.

Whilst my bf using Samsung Galaxy S2. Both of us think that Samsung have done a great job by offering a great smartphone with all the useful apps. Anyway, I can't wait for another great transform from Samsung for Galaxy series. 

Galaxy Note will be another hot topic in town! This is truly another SMART gadget that really smart enough. It comes with a pen for Galaxy Note and this will make things done in more easier way and even faster. By using the pen, you can draw, write, crop a picture at any time. This will save a lot of time. 

One of the feature on Galaxy Note is the large screen which is 5.3". The size might be a little big for ladies but the whole body still remaining light and thin, just like the Galaxy S and S2 smartphone. Not to forget one of the selling point is Super HD Amoled display. The colours are more vibrant, clear and beautiful.

(left) Minimum screen scrolling & transition. On the right, it is a smart planner which I really need it and LIKE it! Cos I always schedule my things/appointment/reviews/dates with friends on the apps that I downloaded from market. With this smart planner, I believe I can manage my schedule easily. 

It seems like the S PEN play an important role in Galaxy Note. Like what I said early on, you can draw and write anything on the screen. 

Galaxy Note will be a favourite gadget for the artist or business planner too. When there is a new idea appear in your mind, don't afraid that you don't have any pen or papers in your bag. Galaxy note have this COOL apps name S Memo. Sketch and write all ideas you have. Besides, by using the S PEN, pictures can be easily crop out and paste in S Memo. COOL isn't it? I am so excited now and can't wait to touch and feel the real one.

8mp camera which is the same feature in Galaxy S2. Beside, Samsung have improve the battery life too.

These are only part of the features in Galaxy Note which I really like it and wanna to share with all of you. Hmmm... I'm wondering when will Galaxy Note deliver to Malaysia? I wanna own it!!!! :D

Anyway, is Galaxy Note a PHONE or TABLET??!? and I wonder, how much will it cost? hmmm...

Galaxy Note is in the market now! From 11-13th Nov, visit them on the above venue to experience the Galaxy note. I think I should go too!!~

Visit their official page for more info.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note with a pen.. Draw whatever on phone without restriction.. Future-proof!

  2. it's really nice but too expensive for me to afford one :(


  3. Hope this samsung device gets along well with users as the other Samsung phones.

  4. walao... i am looking for a good smart phone lately... :))) this is nice!

  5. 这个好另人期待,因为评语真的很不错!看起来就很赞!但....我是苹果支持者,哈哈哈,来闹场的!

    我的laptop才好不久,看回文章,看到你po了我们的hi-tea聚会了,这次好快哦!hmm,我也赞成跟你第一次见面,一点都不会感觉生疏,部落世界真的很奇妙 =)
    nice to meet u really ^^

  6. Samsung Galaxy is pretty compatible! Thanks for sharing~~


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