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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I think this will be the last post in year 2011. Well, here's a little update on my current life. I'm currently enjoying and busying with my new job, it has been 4 months and everything going well and I can mix really well with my colleagues. All of them are so sweet, nice, playful and willing to help me when I need them. I'm blessed to know them and have them in my life.

For the unhappy things, I don't wanna talk bout it as it is not worth to think and mention again!

For the happy one, there was one final trip I joined before end of 2011. That's the trip to Hatyai and Krabi for 5D4N, I will update once I have complete all the pending travelogue. hehe~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back to the topic, FINALLY!!! This is the last post & last chapter on my Europe trip back in 2009! I managed to post everything before end of 2011!! :D

Day 14 - 25.07.09 (Friday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80 & €1 = RM4

Grange City Hotel
There's a story behind this. We have actually stayed at this hotel on our second day at London. Since the room and everything was good, clean, nice breakfast and they have really good coffee! So, we decided to stay at this hotel again on our last 2 days at London. Guess what, they gave us a bigger room!!

The room was so BIG and you can even roll left and right on the floor. We really thanks for their compliments without charging additional charges.

St Pancras Station
We were here to wait the arrival of the bf. Cos he went to his friend's house in Newcastle to pick up our luggage after back from Rome.

This the moment that I have been awaiting for so long - London Eye. Bf bought a great and reasonable package that include London Eye & Madam Tussauds.

Frankly, I was really excited when I walked one more step forward to the London Eye. It was like a dream comes true cos I never expect that I have the chance to take a ride on London Eye. That's the surprise given by bf when I arrived in London.

Here's the great view of & from London Eye. Enjoy the pics...

Big Ben from London Eye.

Inside the capsule.

meeeee - taking picture.

After the ride, we walked around the area and saw this BIG post card. A random guy ran into me and stand beside to take picture with me when I was standing here. @@

We went to China Town after London Eye.

There were so many Chinese Restaurant and finally, we went for this China Buffet at 8.90 pounds.

I don't know why we were so "semangat" and speak malay while we were having our meal. We said the dishes were not bad etc.. When we pay the bill, this Chinese guy asked:"Are you guys from Malaysia?" I'm stunned for a moment and he continue:"I'm from Ipoh, you?" I feel so embarrassed, for no reason!! If we didn't speak malay, he wouldn't know we are from M'sia.

Four Season Chinese Restaurant is quite famous but we didn't give it a try cos the foods were quite pricey.

I would suggest, never ever dine in a Malaysia Restaurant cos you will be very disappointed.

Our hotel was just right beside the Tower Bridge. Although the weather at night was really windy and cold, I still insist to go out to take some night shots. Besides, we act silly and do silly stuff together. Cos there were only 2 of us on the street.

Tower bridge @ night.

Day 15 - 26.07.09 (Saturday)
Here's the end of my 2 weeks UK and Italy trip. It was truly a memorable and awesome Europe trip.

This was my first trip to Europe and I told myself that I will go back again in near future. My dream is coming true soon!!

till then...


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  1. I miss London!

    I really think it's one of the most beautiful cities in this World. I really love it there, despite the gloomy weather.

  2. Most of the scenes look familiar to me! I miss London too~

    Wishing you a happy new year 2012!

  3. You finally finished your blog posts on your last trip. Awesome...and right timing since you're heading there again soon.

    Happy New Year babe!

  4. Happy New Year! Best whises to you Yvon S!
    I came here last night but can't write a comment,
    because I were using the Internet Explorer as browser...
    I'm using the Safari now... it seems can see your
    blog properly!


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