Samsung MultiView MV800

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

30 cameras are giving away!!!! Find it out HOW and what is all about!

Samsung MV800 is a portable camera with the Flip-out Display so that you can take the picture from any angle or direction. The dimension of the camera is only 92mm x 56.2mm and it is really easy to bring it to everywhere all the time. Cool isn't it?

Flip-out Display is one of the coolest feature in this camera. Just shot from any angle that you like. Every movement is flexible and just lift up the camera as you like.

The design is modern and stylish - slim body, elegant colour,  sleek and minimalist. Besides, there is also a 3" touchscreen.  

High quality picture - 26mm wide-angle lens.

(left) Live Panorama,  (right) Funny face effect

Watch a video and answer some simple questions! That's it!! 

This is how you can win the 30 units of Samsung MultiView MV800 camera.
  1. Check out this page 
  2. Fill in your details.
  3. Watch the Samsung MV800 video.
  4. Take the Samsung MultiView MV800 quiz to earn points.
  5. Earn more points to stand a higher chance to win!
p/s: The 2 people with the highest number or points each cycle win an MV800 each. Each cycle lasts 2 days and your points reset after the end of every cycle.

Tips to earn more points: 
Share the contest on your facebook, twitter or other pages. Each click will help to earn more points.

ACT FAST!!!! This is the most simplest way to win a camera! GOOD LUCK!!! Contest will be end on 31st December 2011.

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  1. wah like so hard lah.. i played a few times.. 2 digits only.. the leaders got SIX digit points already.. alamak, where got time to play whole day? LOL

  2. Joined.. But my figure is still less than 100.. how impossible to win!?

  3. so nice! but my probability to win seems like 1/1000000000xxx .lol.


  4. Wow!! Will try it out but seeing the comments, I got scared :( hehe


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