Great gift to kick start the new year 2012!

Sunday, January 01, 2012


I wanna share the things I did today but when I copy some photos from my hp, I found out there are also some nice photos I took on Dec 2011. So, why not share it out together.

The cousin sis of my bf was coming from the State. We went for hair cut and hair do together. It has been ngam ngam (exactly) a year that I didn't go for salon. I always went to A Salon at Sunway Pyramid, unfortunately, my favourite hair stylist is no longer working at there. Anyway, this hairstylist name Lester has a good and nice skill too. My hair was looking great after blow.

My hair doesn't look like this if I didn't blow it :(

Purchased from Topshop + get a bottle of nail colour for free.

It was an unexpected trip to Hatyai and Krabi. Beaches at Krabi was so beautiful, I will go back again one day coz we only spent 2D1N at Krabi. That's NOT ENOUGH!

All the Thailand stamps on my passport.. Phuket, Bangkok, Hatyai & Krabi, where's next?

Me and bf really like the design of the watch and it is an automatic watch which means, no battery is needed. Bought it from a shop in Krabi. I don't really like the brand "LV" stated on the watch coz it is not an ori one but the design is really COOL and nice. So, who cares? :)

Surprised to saw all these lovely and sweet Christmas gift on my working desk after back from a 5 days holiday. Thanks to all my colleagues.

Colourful and sweet tong yuen gave by a colleague on winter solstice festival. Feel so warm.

It's Christmas, painted polka dots nail art for the first time. I'm not really satisfy with the outcome. Anyway, practice makes perfect.

Shinning & charming gold colour for NEW YEAR!

Sherlock Holmes - nice movie and you must watch it!
Guess what, I asked bf to download all the Sherlock Holmes e-book for me after that. It's really a nice story and I like to read investigate novel.

United Buddy Bears at Pavilion. There were more than 100 bears along the street and at the entrance of Pavilion KL. The purpose of these united buddy bears are to create an awareness of living peacefully and harmony. Each bear & the designs on their body is represent a country and Malaysia was included too.

Guess which country of this bear?
It's a Israel bear.

First Chinese New Year menu food review. Foods were really awesome and I was so impressed with the creativity of the chef. This will blog in a separate post. Stay tuned for yummylicious CNY foods. *yum*

Yesterday was New Year eve & also last day of year 2011. We didn't have any fancy celebration or party with friends. It was just a simple dinner at the mall and then went to Jaya One to have some drinks at Brussel Cafe. 

 Every guests were given a pack of party pack. We went back zzz right after the countdown. Too tired.....

Meet up with my uni friend - Stephanie this afternoon. She's getting married soon and I thought I was one of the ji mui,  but she said nope. I gonna be her maid of honor. That's really sweet, and I gonna start on a serious diet now!

 The guy is my uni friend too. Thanks him for the belated Christmas gift :)

Received some nice gift and souvenir from Steph. Love the shells bracelet.

Finally, I managed to get myself a gift that I wanted so long. It's a "little" birthday gift from me to me :) *hint: my birthday is on 17th Jan. Get me a gift please. hehe..*

Have a fruitful and great year 2012 ahead!
till then..

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  1. Happy 2012 :)

    A year gone and a year came... so swiftly. A year older, none the wiser (for me at least). Let's pray for a good year, at least better than the previous ^^

  2. Nice photos!

    Happy new year to you! It'll be a better one!

  3. Dear YT,
    Hahaaa... Thanks thanks.. Although sounds a bit 老土,but that's so true :) YAY! Same to u too, must better than the previous.

    Dear Choy Yen,
    Wow! Why you so geng one? O.o

    Dear Hayley,
    Thanks, most of 'em were taken by hp. Happy new year to u, ur hubby and to ur baby too :)

  4. Blessed new year Cookie:D

    Am glad you bought yourself the birthday. You deserve it.

    I love the nails. The polka dot ones. I saw it on Friday night during dinner...and I love it. So bright and cheery.

  5. Dear MissyBlurKit,
    Thanks for the blessing. I gonna try out more nail art soon :D

    Dear Nikel,
    Same to u too, happy new year and have a great year ahead.

  6. hehehe...try out more nail artlah. i am a willing model:D


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