Hatyai & Krabi, Thailand

Sunday, January 08, 2012

It was an unexpected year end trip to Hatyai and Krabi, Thailand on December 2011. A 5D4N trip with the Yong's family - my bf's family and relative. This is not a complete itinerary, thus I will only share some pictures with short description.

 This is the Yong's family + girlfriends (example, ME :D) of the son or grandson.

Tour guide always like to bring the tourist to visit cave & temple @@

This supposedly a floating market, but now they move everything up to the land. No longer do their business on the boat. The traditions of floating market is slowly gone.

 Dare you?

 with the Yong's family member + girlfriends.

 Visited another beautiful temple at night.

 The temple was built by aluminium, kinda amazing.

 120 bath for a dim sum buffet.
Malaysia one is much more better.

He is a cheerful baby and laugh all the time, that's why people loves to carry and hug him around.

 Boat to enter a cave.
This journey was quite adventures as we were going into a narrow cave where we need to lay down. It was one of the nicer activity in the trip.

 Inside the cave.

 Emerald Pool.

 We need to walk 800m to reach the emerald pool.

 After emerald pool, we need to walk 300m to visit this BLUE POOL. The water is so beautiful and it's crystal blue colour.

 Since Hatyai is very near to Malaysia, thus there are some shops/stalls are selling nasi lemak, teh tarik etc. The taste of the nasi lemak was good.

 Hotel in Hatyai.

 Beef noodle that will never fail me whenever I try it in Thailand.

 Breakfast provided by the hotel. yummy.

 Market that selling all kinds of bags, shoes, kitchen equipments etc at a very low price. Girls will definitely love this place!

 My purchased from Hatyai & Krabi. The flats cost only RM10 & RM20. Besides, I also get a great bargain for the 2 pairs of high heels - RM25 each.

 Mc D @ Thailand - not to forget to try the pork burger & the samurai burger.

 Mc Cafe.

 Both watches bought at Krabi town. It's an automatic watch & both of us (me & bf) like it so much.

 Krabi - I will definitely visit here again! It was only a 2D1N trip in Krabi, that's not enough to explore the Krabi town and island.

 Yum Char at the seaside of Krabi.

 Laid back & relax.

 Krabi Beach.

 I went for foot massage at Krabi - 250 bath for 1 and half hour.

 Comfortable settings and environment.

 Finally I found the Pocky (lychee flavour) at 7-11. I grabbed ALL of 'em from the shelf. :)

 Cute and lovely pocky key chains for colleagues and friends.

 Jack Daniel's Chocolate.
Simply bought it coz I have a Jack Daniel's t-shirt.

All the Thailand stamp on my passport. So far, I have gone to 4 places in Thailand - Phuket, Bangkok, Hatyai & Krabi.

That's all for a short update on my year end Thailand trip.
till then..

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  1. Baby looks grumpy =.= when you carry him! LoL...

    Anyway looks fun... BIG GROUP eh?

  2. Been to Hatyai a few times but not Krabi..

    Wah, what a big group of tourists ;)

  3. Wow! Very big family, must be very happy on this trip!
    Those pocky key chains are so cute, nice new watches too!

  4. Dear YT,
    HAHA!! The baby is really cheerful and laugh all the time one lehhh.. I guess, he is too tired that time and he looks grumpy :D Yeap, Big group and this is only part of their family members.

    Dear Hayley,
    You should visit Krabi, the beach is so beautiful :)

    Dear Rafael,
    I like all the purchased! :D

  5. hi yvonne :) nice bonding trip with his family. from the dim sum picture, i see something unusual- the one that looks like a blooming flower. may i know what kind of delicacy is that?

  6. Dear Fish,
    ermm.. I not sure which one you mean, but most of the dim sum was pork and nothing much special though. :D

  7. i love the samurai burger!

    the blue pool looks awesome and magical. did you touch the water?

  8. Hmm....mayb I should summarize my Taiwan trip like this, so lazy to write one by one >.<

  9. Dear Missyblurkit,
    Yummy... I'm craving for samurai burger now, so hungry..
    Nope, we didn't touch the water as there are fences around the pool.

    Dear Choi Yen,
    Faster blog! I wanna read :)

  10. I like those mini pocky key chains! So cute!

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