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Monday, February 20, 2012

Isenbin is another Taiwanese Handmade Desserts shop newly open in town which located at SS2, right beside Starbucks and you wouldn't get lost. It's hardly not to compare Isenbin with Chatime or Snowflakes because they are selling something similar. The first though appeared in my mind was Isenbin = Chatime + Snowflakes + Taiwanese Dishes. It's like a ONE-STOP station for all. However, the taste might be different. That's why I'm here to try it out.

Yeap! They are selling some famous Taiwanese foods as well but limited selection. Anyway, there will be more to come from time to time. All the dishes are available to order from the kitchen now. 

 Attractive picture hanging all over the wall and cabinet. Without referring to the menu, you might know which dessert to order already.

Wide selection of desserts and pearl milk drinks.

This is Master Chef Yu from Taiwan. The chef at Isenbin is actually the apprentice of Master Chef Yu. He learnt from this master chef and finally, now he opens a dessert shop at SS2. This is the first and only outlet so far.

What is so special about Isenbin? We were told that the ingredients are freshly prepare everyday. If there is left over and couldn't sell it out that day, they will throw away and prepare the fresh one next day. Grass jelly, oee, taro balls etc, all were made by the chef himself.

There are 4 categories of dessert listed on the menu - Isenbin Classic, Isenbin Memorables, Isenbin DouHua and Isenbin Original.

(from left to right)
1. Isenbin Covermilk Fresh Tea - RM5.90
2. Isenbin Covermilk Black Tea - RM5.90
3. Winter melon pearl milk tea - RM4.90

(left) Isenbin Enrich chocolate - RM5.90
(right) Ice blend matcha red bean - RM5.90

Grass Jelly Ice - RM6.50
Toppings: Red bean, lotus seed, oee

Grass Jelly Ice is under Isenbin Classic category, you are free to choose any 3 toppings from the list.

This is also Grass Jelly Ice, with different toppings - green bean, barley and oee.

Both of the grass jelly ice taste good and refreshing. I like their home-made oee very much, it was very chewy. The read bean, barley and green bean was cooked to perfect too. Besides, all the portion was really BIG!!! You can share with 2 or 3 people together.

Nuttobin - RM6.90
Recommended to try this. I would not say highly recommended because not everyone like the taste of the peanut. Nuttobin is actually the peanut ice, together with matcha oee, pearls, and lotus seed. The peanut ice taste aromatic and I personally love it very much. Since green tea is my favourite, matcha oee definitely is my favourite as well. Must try their matcha oee ya.

Lemon Jade Jelly Ice - RM5.50
This is actually the "Ai Yu Bing" that we know. This is also one of my favourite, it was a refreshing dessert that you must try. It seems like everyone like this very much coz we have finished it in a mere moment.

Soya Ice - RM6.50
Basically, everything in the bowl is the same. The only different is the soya. If you like to drink soya, this might be your favourite as well.

Isenbin Signature DouHua (hot) - RM6.90
Toppings: oee & peanuts

Hot or Ice douhua, choose it at your own selection. Since we have try all the cold desserts (as above), so we ordered the hot dessert. DouHua was warm and soft, it taste good together with the oee and peanuts. Peanuts was cooked to perfect and soft as well.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup - RM9.90
Highly recommended!! Everyone love it very much!! and most of us were agreed that they serve really good braised beef noodle soup. Half of the braised egg and braised tofu were added in the beef noodle and everything in the bowl taste really good and yummy. 

Ramen noodle soup - RM8.90
Ramen comes with chicken, white carrot, vege, braised egg and tofu.

Spicy ramen noodle soup - RM8.90
This is the Taiwan version of mala (麻辣) ramen but the spiciness of the mala wasn't that strong. Chef told us that this is the original taste from Taiwan, thus it was not that spicy. I found out the smell of the black pepper was too strong and it has covered the mala taste.

Isenbin located at a very strategic location at SS2, just right beside of the Starbucks coffee. This is another hot spot in ss2, the crowds at Isenbin was really good and there were more people having their desserts here when we're leaving.

Gentle reminder: The portion of the dessert is really big. So, why not share with your friends? :)

ISENBIN - Authentic Taiwanese Handmade Desserts
5, Jalan SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya.
Isenbin Facebook page

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  1. lol all those dessert doesnt attract me, but rather the braised Beef Noodle Soup! lol

    1. Try the beef noodle soup, really not bad. All of us like it so much.

  2. Isenbin, 我觉得我会找机会去这里尝试,因为有主餐有甜品,ngam我老公也ngam我!哈哈 xD

    1. 对对对!!有主餐,也有甜品。很适合couple来!他们家的芋园真的不错吃,记得要试一试。

  3. it was quite good! Isenbin, after I posted on it, a few of my friends actually said they've tried there before and it was good XD

    Latest: Igentis Tropicana City Mall

    1. That's GOOD! :) I will go back to try their beef rice soon!

  4. Dessert is my favourite! This restaurant looks like a cosy nice place~

    1. The environment is quite cosy and they have outdoor and indoor seating area.

  5. next time when we meet in KL you got to bring me to this! haha

    1. Sure! No Problem, make sure you let me know when you come to KL. Hehe


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