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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Back to travelogue again!!
Anyway, it's still about FOOD that we had in Kuching!

If you have been following my blog all this while, you might already know that I went to Kuching twice in a year (2011). First, it was a family trip during CNY 2011. So, basically you already read the food we had during the trip.

For the second time, it was an invitation from a friend. Since he's local, so we don't need to scratch our head to look for food or do research again. If you're planning to visit Kuching, this will be a very useful guide / food directory for you. 

Some of the food or places are actually not showing on google or not even recommend by others/not promoted online. All this while, we thought the food we must try at Kuching is kolo mee (Sarawak noodle) and also the seafood that selling at cheaper price. Not until I visited Kuching for the second time, they actually have wide range of nice food and also some hidden gems/place to be explored by us.

This was a 6 days 5 nights trip at Kuching, Yet, I still feel like it is not enough for us. To be frank, there are still some restaurants and food that I haven't tried. 

1) Kolo Mee or known as Sarawak noodle

Sin Min Joo
Jalan Bishopsgate, Kuching
*Jalan Bishopsgate is the side street between Carpenter Street and Main Bazzar*

Sin Min Joo is famous for their kolo mee. It seems like this restaurant has become tourist's spot and also their favourite restaurant to try out the kolo mee. We reached Kuching in the morning, and our friend fetched us here to settle our brunch. He warned us, we have to wait for 2 hours (at least) before we manage to get a table. Please take note, 2 hours to get a table, NOT the food! Crazy isn't it? Anyway, since we're here all the way from KL and it is highly recommended, why not try it?

Here we are! It is an old shop lot and they have limited table, many people was waiting for table. Seriously, we waited for TWO hours to get a table!!! (anyway, it is depends on your luck also. You might get a table in a minute if it is less crowded). Once you sit down, DON'T walk to the boss and tell him what you want to order because you might get scold by the boss. This was been told by my friend  (not sure if this is true but we choose to believe and to avoid being scold). After we get the table, we sat down and waited patiently, I was thirsty and almost die of hunger.

Ice Lemon Tea, it's really refreshing. This is one of their signature drinks.

"This is the bowl of kolo mee and mixed pork soup that I waited for 2 hours! YES, u hears me right. 2 hoursssss @@" - That's my shout out in fb.

The noodle and mixed pork soup was great & the portion was quite generous.  Maybe I was really hungry, so everything was delicious. Haha... You better judge it yourself. Overall, it's still worth to give it a try.

During my stay at Kuching, I have tried 123456789 types of kolo mee from different shop & stalls. Here's the picture...

Plain kolo mee with pork only, served with chili sauce. Although the presentation of the noodle was plain and simple, but the taste was good.

Kolo mee with red char siew (pork) and pork minced meat.

Kolo mee in orange colour? It's actually the mixing of the sauce of red char siew (pork) that causing the noodle in orange colour.

The difference between plain kolo mee and orange kolo mee: orange kolo mee is oilier, noodle is not sticky and it has the char siew taste. If you are a char siew lover, you might found it nicer and tasty.

Another type of kolo mee with generous amount of ingredients - fish ball, minced pork, chicken, char siew, wantan & vege.

2) Tomato Noodle

Huan Like Yuan 歡樂園 @ Stutong Market
1st Floor Stutong Market,
Jalan Setia Rajan, Kuching, Sarawak.

I almost lost the chance to taste the tomato noodle in Kuching. This is also one of the famous noodles that you have to try. Finally, I had this for breakfast before leave Kuching. The taste and essence of the tomato was strong, sweet and sour of the tomato has enhanced the taste of the fried noodle. Basically, you can easily to get tomato noodle at any hawker stall or food court.

3) Sarawak Laksa / Curry Mee

C121 Food Station
Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre, 
Kuching, Sarawak 93350

My friend wanted to bring us to one of the famous Sarawak Laksa, unfortunately the shop was closed. So we simply headed to a food court nearby and try the laksa. They are serving many types of Sawarak laksa, but I still go for the original one.

YUM!! It does look very tempting. The colour and appearance was good and it looks very tempting. Compared the curry laksa we normally had in west Malaysia, Sarawak laksa that I tried was different, the soup was much clearer and they use minimal of santan (coconut milk). I'm not sure if Sarawak laksa mean to be this taste, but the one I tried was good.

4) Teh C Special / 3 Layers Tea

All this while, I didn't know 3 layers tea was originated from Kuching, Sarawak. Although there are many mamak or food court selling 3 layer tea in West Malaysia, I'm not keen to order too. But I have tried a sip when bf ordered it. 

Not until I went to Kuching, my friend told me the Teh C Special in Kuching is very famous and you shouldn't miss it. When my friend told me "teh C special", I didn't know it is actually the 3 layer tea that I saw in west Malaysia.

I told you that I have tried 123456789 bowl of Sarawak kolo mee right? I have also drink 987654321 cups of Teh C Special in Kuching!

These are the Teh C Special which comes in 3 layers and also 4 layers. Take a look at the left bottom Teh C Special, saw the green-ish layer? It's the wheat-grass syrup. When ordering, you have to emphasise that you want TEH C SPECIAL or 3 LAYERS TEA. If you ordere teh C, you will get the normal teh ice.

Anyway, if you want to try the original Teh C Special, you must head to this food court in 7th mile - it is the founder. This is the original place where the Teh C Special was produced.

Fresh Food Court @ 7th Mile
Lorong Liu Shan Bang 3,
Kuching, Sarawak 93250.

5) Passion Fruit Tea 

This is not suppose to appear in Kuching food directory guide. The reason I want to share with you because it taste really good and I found it when my first trip to Kuching with family. I grabbed many packs when I saw it again in the mall. I get this in Ta Kiong (大强) - a supermarket in The Spring shopping mall. I couldn't find this in any supermarket in west Malaysia. So, if you travel to Kuching, please buy a few packs for me, ok? :) hehe.

6) Midin / Paku Vegetable

Midin or Paku is the local vegetable in Kuching which normally cook with belacan or garlic only. The identity of midin / paku is the curl top part of the vegetable. There are many types of paku vegetable, so we bought each and our friend's mum cooked for us.

Aunt is a very friendly person, she provides accommodation and prepared a scrumptious meal for us too.

Mixed pork soup - this was truly awesome! Taste of the black pepper was strong and it was one of the best soup to kick start the dinner.

Midin / Paku vegetable cooked with belacan.

Aunt told us that this is one of the hakka dish that her son love it so much. No doubt, it's really delicious.

Salted pork.

7) Gong Pia *highly recommended*

Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre
Lorong 15 (off Jln Padungan), Kuching, Sarawak 93100.

This is my favourite!!!!! I wish they selling this in West Malaysia too. It's a toasted sesame bun with meat inside, it's quite similar to char siew pau. But this one taste really awesome!!! We have this at Song Kheng Hai Hawker centre, sorry that I have forgotten which is the number of the stall already. DON'T MISS IT!!! You will never regret to try it.

8) Belacan Mee

The belacan mee we tried was also at Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre. It is at stall no.26 Padungan Belacan Bee Hoon. I was a bit shock when my friend ordered it because I never try belacan mee at all & never heard bout it before.

Surprisingly, it tastes good than what I imagined.

9) Coconut Sugar Cane

The speciality would be the mixing of coconut flesh + sugar cane. A refreshing drinks that you can give it a try. We get it in Song Kheng Hai Food Court too.

10)  Matterhorn

Get this at Song Kheng Hai Food Court also. Matterhorn is a chilling dessert with the combination of cendo + jelly grass + jelly + longan + pineapple and lemon.

Name of this dessert is SPECIAL. "Special" is a combination of jelly + sweet corn + longan + pineapple and milk. 

11) Imperial Duck (鸭皇)
Jalan Chan Bee Kiew, Kuching.

I'm not sure the review for this restaurant. We came here because our friend was having lunch that time. Since we just ate something earlier, so I have ordered dessert and a dish that caught my attention.

I tried the duck meat  and it was quite delicious.

This is the dish that caught my attention - Mango BBQ Duck - RM12. Weird? Not at all! It's really yummy and delicious. I wish I could have this in KL too.

Aloe Vera, Ormanthus with jelly - RM3.80

12) The Junk
80 Jalan Wayang, Kuching, Sarawak 93000

The Junk is a restaurant with beautiful interior that serve Italian and western cuisine.

The foods is kinda expensive but the portion is really big and you can share among 2-3 friends. I will blog about this restaurant separately because there are more to share.

13) Hong Fan Tian (红翻天湘菜馆)
Lot 60, Premier 101,
Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching.

Hong Fan Tian is a restaurant that serve Hunan Cuisine. Previously, I have tried the Hunan Cuisine at KL, name Yue Yang Lou. Both of this restaurant has their own style and the food we tried taste was slightly different. The dishes at Hong Fan Tian is not that spicy compared to Yue Yang Lou.

Fish that not to be missed when you're having Hunan cuisine. I will blog this separately too. Stay tuned ya.

14) Bing!

Bing coffee shop is quite famous in Kuching and there are many franchises. Old town, Papparich or Starbucks is not really famous there, it has been occupied by Bing!. They provides cosy and comfortable area and sofa, their coffee and cakes were delicious too.

15) Seafood

This was the cheapest seafood we ever had!!! The restaurant located out of the town and it is around 30 - 40 mins drive from town.

Sin Soon Lee Seafood Restaurant
Muara Tebas, Kuching.

You definitely can't imagine how cheap is the seafood here! Anyway, I will blog this separately as well. The seafood they serve is really really fresh. Highly recommended.

16) Sunny Hill Ice-Cream @ 3rd Mile

After I came back and google "Sunny Hill ice cream", heard that all the profits will go into Seventh-Day Adventist Church's missions. Basically, it is an ordinary ice-cream, taste almost same with Mc D's ice-cream. One of the highlight is they serve the ice-cream in different way, either in cone, bowl, bread and many more.

17) Kilkenny's
Jalan Pandungan, 
Kuching, Sarawak 93100.

Kilkenny's is a pub in the town. Foods they serve tastes good also.


Fuhhhh.... It has come to the end, finally! It's so torture when I composing this post especially when I didn't eat anything at all for the whole day. Gonna crave for some good foods later!

So, this is the makan / food directory in Kuching. Hope it is useful to everyone and give you an idea on what to eat when you travel to Kuching. There are so many delicious food at Kuching; So, do not stuck in kolo mee or Sarawak Laksa only.

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  1. yoooo!!很丰富的一篇!!!下次去kuching就拿着你这篇去吃好了!

    1. 我也是啊,之前对于东马的食物也有保留。但是去了古晋之后,都改观了。他们确实有好多“好料”吃也!!你一定要去尝尝!!!我还蛮用心的去准备这篇文章,希望大家都受益。让大家都知道古晋的美食。:)

  2. Replies
    1. undoubtedly, Kuching is a nice place. Since it is a part of Malaysia too, we must visit at least once.:)

  3. i dont mind queueing up for 2 hours with a growling stomach as long as i can get to try an authentic bowl of mi kolo :P

    Latest: Penang Food Festival

    1. Yes, me too. Since we travel all the way so far to Kuching, "die die" also must try right? :)

  4. 我对妳推荐的Gong Pia 好有兴趣!我今年十月会去那一趟,到时再与妳分享道地美食.... :)

    1. Gong Pia 真的很好吃。你一定要去试!回来后,再和我分享吧!

  5. Love this post so much!!! Super informative, it's going to be my Kuching Guide in the future. Y.U.M.M.Y!!!

    1. Thanks Bev.. Must visit Kuching, it's a nice and peaceful city.

  6. For those who love food...Kuching is the ultimate place to be. Here is a website that will help you look and see what Kuching is all about.


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