Nabemono @ Kin No Uma, Palace of the Golden Horses

Friday, March 09, 2012

From 1st of March until 31st March 2012, Kin No Uma will be having its Pot of Gold promotion. The Pot of Gold consists of seven "nabemono" dishes, the most famous of which is "sukiyaki"!

"Nabemono" is cooked at the table, meaning the food will be at its freshest and most enjoyable. Traditionally, "nabemono" dishes are meant to be shared amongst family and friends which make it's the perfect dish for fellowship and reminiscing good times.

"Nabemono" are dishes cooked in a pot of simmering broth at the table. Ingredients are arranged on platters so that each person may cook what he or she likes. The tradition types of "nabemono" are "mizutaki", "yudofu", "udonsuki", "kanisuki", "dotenabe", "shabushabu" and "sukiyaki".

Yagi Sukiyaki Nabe - RM30++
Sliced lamb, vegetables and beancurd, cooked on an iron pan with sukiyaki sauce. Generally, this is a winter dish it is commonly found at Japanese year-end parties which is one of my favorite among all. The thin sliced lamb was so tender and juicy.

Tori Teri Nabe - RM26++
Claypot rice with chicken teriyaki and vegetables.

Tori Katsu Nabe - RM26++
Claypot rice with breaded chicken and Japanese plum sauce.

Yakiniku Gohan Nabe - RM28++
Claypot rice with pan-fried beef and assorted vegetables with yakiniku sauce. Tender beef and it taste sweet. We asked the chef, is this dish mean to be taste sweet? He answered YES, this is because the yakiniku sauce that added to the dish.

Kaisen Kimchi Nabe - RM36++
Assorted seafood and vegetables cooked in a claypot with kimchi paste. Another type of nabemono not to be missed - a combination of Japanese and Korean dish? The kimchi soup taste slightly spicy and a little sweetness. All the seafood that cooked together has enhanced the taste of the this kaisen kimchi nabe. Most importantly, the seafood was fresh. This is serve with a bowl of Japanese rice.

Udon Suki - RM40++
Assorted seafood, vegetables and grilled beancurd cooked in a claypot with clear broth served with udon noodles, miso-shiru, pickles and fruits. This might look similar with the above dish - kaisen kimchi nabe, the only difference is the soup is slightly lighter and tastes refreshing.

Saba Miso-Yaki Nabe - RM30++
Sliced mackerel fish and assorted vegetables cooked in a claypot with shiro-miso paste. Another highlight of the day, mackerel fish didn't taste fishy at all and it brings out the sweetness.

All the nabemono is comes with a set of salad, rice, fruits and miso soup.

Chef Khair - the awesome chef who prepared all the delicious nabemono.

Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant
Palace of the Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas, MINES Resort City, 43800 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
For reservation: 03-89464888

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  1. Some of the names you mentioned are new to me, but don't care la, as long as taste gooodd... right?
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. aww so many tasty hot pots to go! i wonder how many people can finish one bowl..

    Latest: Mamak or Indian?

  3. This is delicious. Worth the price?


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