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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The day has finally come.
Last May (2011), I managed to bought Air Asia ticket to London at a low price. Somehow, AA had suddenly terminated the flight to London. Thus, we managed to buy a promotion price's air ticket from Mas Airline during Chinese New Year. Since I went to London before, so I decided to landed on Amsterdam. Yeap, my spring holidays will be in Europe. I will depart at 11.55pm later and it gonna be a 12 hours flight, hope I will have a good sleep.

This is the country that I will be traveling. Give it a guess based on the map and lines I drew.
走。。我們一起去旅行吧。。JOM! Let's Travel!!!

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  1. wow! have fun in ur trip yeah! do update as well! :D

  2. WOW! just by seeing ur map, i know you gonna had so much fun! ENJOY! and take care ya!

  3. yoo yoo yoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!终于来到这一天了!!!
    Yvonne, enjoy ur lovely trip k!!! muaks ^^

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  5. Wow cool. Now u have made wanting to return to Europe for another visit.. I love traveling too. U can visit me at http://mynikonni.blogspot.com when u have time.. Cheers.


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