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Monday, April 02, 2012

Get tempted by all these mini cupcakes? 

Show "U" Cafe Bar at Sunway Pyramid is offering healthy and yummylicious smoothies, pasta, salad, sandwiches, coffee and tartlet.

The bar is an individual stand alone bar at Blue Atrium.

Although the menu is limited to few choices only, but most importantly, the foods and drinks they serve are really delicious. 

(from left to right)
Berry Fury - RM15.90
Berry Fury is a healthy detox smoothies that use a very special ingredient and I bet you couldn't guess what is it. There is actually 1 dash of WASABI added in this drink, it's also a mixture of blueberry, pineapple, peach, and strawberry puree. It's very refreshing and the taste of wasabi is not as strong as you taste it at sushi shop. Even the people who doesn't like to eat wasabi will also accept the taste of Berry Fury. 

Orange Paradise - RM13.90
Orang Paradise is one of my favourite smoothies, it's a mixture of orange, longan, pineapple and peach.

Kiwi Tango - RM14.90
Mango base, peach and kiwi.

Spring-a-licious - RM9.90 
Grape and peach.

(from left to right)
Monday Blue - RM5.90
Not to miss out to cure your Monday Blue. The blue colour was from blue flower.

Summer Rio - RM9.90
A very refreshing drink that consists lemon and longan.

Monday Blue - RM5.90

Signature Crush - RM12.90
One of the favourite drink of the owner. It's the mixture of watermelon, orange and kiwi puree.

Fruitilicious Salad - RM8.90
The first dish to kick start our dinner, the salad mainly is fruits and vegetables. 

 The powder that spread on the salad was Phytonutrients Essence which have the essential nutrients to restore health from our imblanaced diet and lifestyle.

 Sauce to enhance the taste of the fruits salad. It just simply taste yummy and feel healthy.

 Marine Trio Salad - RM9.90
Each salad comes with tuna and wasabi sauce - mussel, salmon and prawns. Salmon salad is my favourite. They are not forgetting to put some green and healthy vege too.

 Caperlicious - RM6.90
Another salad that present in a martini glass, the presentation is creative and it looks like a colourful plant. There are carrot, cucumber, baby tomato and some green leave. It serves with wasabi mayo sauce.

Wasabi mayo sauce - taste really good and you should have it!

 Perfect 10 - RM9.90/set
Highly recommended!!! I will definitely go back for this because it taste ultimately delicious.. The portion was perfect and you can just finish it by yourself. Guess what? When I first bite the perfect 10, it taste even better than the sandwiches from Subway. It's real! That's why I'm highly recommend this to you and must have it!

 *oppss... my saliva going to drop by looking at this Perfect 10 sandwich*

Carbo Fungi - RM7.90
*recommended* because it was my favourite among all the pasta in Show "U". It's actually a simply pasta that have mushroom and nuts. Not to forget to mention that all the pasta they serve are angle hair. I like the creamy sauce as well, this is the main reason why I like it.

Marine Pumpkin - RM14.90
The golden colour pumpkin sauce has attracted my taste bud. Beside pumpkin, the seafood - salmon, prawns and mussels are the main ingredients in preparing this pasta. As a person who likes the creamy sauce, I have also found it taste good but I still prefer the previous pasta.

 Marine Carbo - RM13.90
It's quite similar to marine pumpkin pasta but they have white sauce here. Topped with the nuts is a PLUS.

Chicken Bolognese
A very common pasta that I believe everyone knows it.

A cup of coffee after meal. I choose mocha and it smell aromatic & taste sweet even though I didn't add a single pack of sugar.

Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese & Hong Kong Milk Tea 
We decided to order some dessert before heading home.

If you like Hong Kong milk tea or the "Ying Yong" drink from Kim Gary, you might fall in love with this drink also. It taste even better than the one in Kim Gary, high recommended as well!!! 

 Red velvet cupcakes - sweet and lovely cupcakes that will brighten up your day.

Crunchy Road
A very sweet and warm dessert - marshmallow, chocolate and nuts.

That's NOT the end yet. The owner of Show "U" is really generous and he promised to give out 5 boxes of healthy drink to my readers.

Phytonutrients Essence Health Drinks worth RM49.90 each. It is a travel pack, each box have 5 packs health drinks with different flavour - orange, kiwi etc. I have tried it and it's really helpful especially those who have bad digestion. So, here is what you gonna do to win a box of health drink worth RM49.90.

  1. Tell me that you want to win the health drinks with your name & email at the comment box below.
  2. *LIKE* Show "U" Bar Facebook page. Because I will announce the winner on their facebook page.
  3. Winners need to collect the health drink at Show "U" Bar, Sunway Pyramid by  giving them your name & email.
There will be 5 winners and winners will be selected based on Be sure to check their facebook page to know who is the lucky one. Good Luck!! p/s: winners will be announced on 6th April (Friday).

Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar
Blue Athium 27.7A, Lower Ground 2,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

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  1. The smoothies seems a bit too expensive leh... in the other hand, the marine carbo & marine pumpkin looks tempting! :D

  2. I want to win! =D

  3. the food looks so yummy and fresh. homely style. can;t say the same about the water colour:P

  4. Who doesn't want to be more healthier?


  5. I want to win Phytonutrients Essence Health Drinks!

    Name : Emeryn Wong
    Email :

  6. 看起来很不错!都是我喜欢的西餐!沙拉,三文治,意大利面,我都很喜欢!又健康!很赞!

  7. Huh, refreshing!

    I want to win!

    Sunyee Ng

  8. Show U Cafe Bar Greetings from Show U,

    Congratulations for all the selected winners! Yay!

    Winners, kindly check your email for details on how to claim your prize! If it is not in your inbox, it could be in your junk email.

    And for others who submitted your entries, your efforts are highly acknowledged, and thank you for your participation. Do like us on our facebook pages for future contest so you had another chance of winning a prize for yourself.

    Our facebook page is as below:

    And also our appreciation goes out to Yvonne Sam for your organizing this contest.

    Have a great day and healthy weekend all!

    Management Team of Show U


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