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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It has been almost a month I back from Europe. Finally, the first post is here! There were total 6k+ photos I took during my trip. I was trying to filter and delete some of 'em but but but...... most of the photos are so beautiful!!! I reluctant to hit the delete button.

Anyway, this will be a sneak peek and I hope I can update more frequently. One of my aim is to post & share everything out by end of this year. 

11th April 2012 -Wednesday was a public holiday and YEAH! I can "save" one day annual leave. The long awaited Europe trip has finally come after I booked the ticket on last May (2011). Our initial plan was flying with Air Asia, we bought the ticket at RM1,900. To cut the story short, we were flying with Malaysia Airline due to the termination of the route to London by Air Asia. Since the plan had changed, me & bf decided to change our itinerary too. We decided not to visit London since we went there on 2009 and we planned to visit other countries instead. To my surprised, bf decided to visit Switzerland & Vienna after I proposed the itinerary to him. *p/s: we bought the MAS airline ticket at promotional price - RM2,800 during last CNY this year. 

Malaysia Airline 
Kuala Lumpur - Amsterdam, Netherlands
11.55pm | MH16

Although our flight was 11.55pm, but I can't really have a good sleep. The flight was full and there were many babies on board too, & the engine of the plane was quite noisy. After 12 hours, we landed safely at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. We were told the weather was 4°C and I quickly "wrapped" myself with thick jacket & scarfs. Thank God for the good weather, it was sunny and chilling but still, COLD.

Basically, this is our EXACT itinerary. I use the word "exact" because there were many surprises & unexpected thing happened through this trip. Our initial plan was 7 countries, 8 places in 19 days. In the end, we managed to visit 15 places in 19 days! How awesome!!!!

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Brussels, Belgium - Cologne, Germany - Munich, Germany - Zurich, Switzerland - Basel, Switzerland - Aarau, Switzerland - Lucern, Switzerland - Interlaken, Switzerland - Thun, Switzerland - Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - Milan, Italy - Venice, Italy - Vienna, Austria - Prague, Czech Republic

Amsterdam, Netherland 
12-14 April & 29-30 April 2012

(left to right)
1. Good Morning Amsterdam @ 4°C | Architecture are almost all the same, that's the trademark | Canals
2. We spent more than half day at Keukenhof - one of the famous park that open during Spring only.
3. Half day trip to Zaanse Schans. Here, you can visit the famous windmills, clog making + museum + souvenir, cheese making + tasting & also the beautiful and amazing scenery.

Brussels, Belgium
14-15 April 2012

(from left to right)
1. One of the famous plaza that you must visit | Mannekin Pis | Road Sign
2. Foods that not to be missed in Brussels - waffle, chocolate and kebab.
3. Beautiful chocolate | The grand hotel we stayed | Antonium

Cologne, Germany
15 April 2012

(left) The astonishing church at Cologne.
(Center) Street performance | Merzenich Bakery - they are selling one of the best bread in the world! The bread was so fluffy and crunchy at the same time!!!!
(right) Haha! Creative & SEXY postcard.

Munich, Germany
15-17 April 2012

(left to right)
1. Hotel we stayed - Leonardo | Munich city | Munich Old Town
2. Breakfast | BWM show room | BMW bears for sell
3. Trying out all the yummylicious German foods, and of coz the famous German BEER too. It tasted really really good and different back in Malaysia.

Zurich, Switzerland
17-19th April 2012

(left to right)
1. We are here in Zurich, Switzerland!!! | Spring blossom | View of Zurich city
2. Cheese Fondue | Nutella Chocolate - my favourite! | Me & bf with the yellow post box
3. Evening and night view | We had a good dinner at this restaurant which have a good environment and I like their decoration.

Basel, Aarau & Thun, Switzerland
18th April 2012

These places is a small town not far from Zurich. Since we have our own transport, so it is not difficult for us to drive around.

(left) Basel | Green tram | View by the river
(center) Aarau | Chocolate | Market = pasar malam in Malaysia
(right) Thun | Small but beautiful town | German sausage

Lucern & Interlaken, Switzerland
19th April 2012

(left) On the way to Lucern, I was so excited when I first saw the alps | Landmark of Lucern - the tower | Beautiful swan - how could they swim and stand in the cold weather. I was freezing over there yet they still can played around.

(center) We were on the way to Interlaken. This was one of the amazing and beautiful scenery we saw.

(right) Interlaken - it is one of the canton of Bern | Bern flag | Risotto - sinful yet yummy!!!!!!!!

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
19-21th April 2012

(left to right)
1. The B&B we stayed | Attic room - great experience | View from my room
2. Scrumptious breakfast provided by B&B | Typical swiss breakfast | Tickets to up to the alps.
3. We planned to visit Jungfrau - the alps that top of Europe. Unfortunately, the weather was not good and we were given another suggestion by the manager from the B&B. We were here in Murren. | I'm too excited because it was my first time experienced the snowing and play with the snow as well. | Beautiful alps.

Milan & Venice, Italy
21-23 April 2012

(left) Italy is the only country that we need to pay tol when we entered. | Milan famous cathedral - Duomo | Duomo Square - shopping heaven

(center) Venice | Gelato | Life on the water/sea

(right) Burano - the rainbow village | Clams with white wine - superB! | One of the corner @ Burano

Vienna, Austria
23 - 26 April 2012

(right to left)
1. Sunbathing | Delicious & wide selections of breakfast provided by the hotel | Famous painting in Vienna. 
2. Schönbrunn Palace | Street performance | Enjoying box of noodle
3. Hundertwasser house | Swarovski crystals | Prater - amusement park

Prague, Czech Republic
26-29 April 2012

(left to right) 
1. Charles Bridge | Arts is everywhere | Prague Astronomical clock
2. Dancing building | street performance on Charles Bridge | View of Charles Bridge from the tower
3. Pork - famous dish in Prague. Oily but truly yummy! Just forget the FAT first :D | John Lennon Wall at Kampa Island | Love lock bridge at Kampa Island.

Prague is the city I love the most during this trip. This is a city that full of arts and music, everything is so romantic and beautiful. I truly falling in love with this city.  I shall update more and I can't wait to share more with you! Unfortunately, Prague is the last destination before I back to Amsterdam. So, Prague might be the last post I will share. Anyway, there's always an exception right? :)

Stay TUNED!!!!

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  1. I'm so jealous Yvonne!! Wish to visit Europe again but not sure when since I have the little one with me now....

  2. Really like the way u edited the photos (jealous, I don have such skills and patience to do things like this!)...

    :) Waiting to read more. There are many places that I've never been, so excited to know more about it. Hope I don have to wait for another 2 years to read la har... hahahahaha...

  3. Dear Nikel,
    Glad that you like it! Please stay tuned for more exciting story ya :)

    Dear Hayley,
    You still can travel around but maybe not that often like last time? A short trip to Europe (8-10days) will do also :) Anyway, I'm sure your life is pretty exciting and busy now coz of the little one.

    Dear YT,
    Thanks J!!!!! Do you know how long I used to edit all these? I took few days, coz I didn't edit everything in one day.

    HAHA!!! I hope I won't drag for another 2 years. Promise already ma, and I gonna do my best!!!

  4. Love the photos! Such a nice place. I'm sure you had a great time there.

  5. U are so lucky to get chance visit Europe AGAIN, we not even once T_T, looking forward to ur travelogue, hope 1 day I can go there too!

  6. Dear Melissa,
    Thanks! Yes, I did had a great time and enjoy the life at Europe. It is totally different from other places/countries.

    Dear Choi Yen,
    Make for it if you wants. I wish I have the 3rd chance again to traveling around Europe. :) Can't wait to share with you guys.

  7. Oh I love Prague too!
    If you love Prague, you will probably also love Budapest.
    Maybe next time?

    1. Budapest? This place haven't come across my mind yet. haha.. Anyway, thanks for your recommendation and will consider too. But, if I have the chance to visit Europe for the 3rd time, I would love to visit Spain and Barcelona... and also Greece. :D

  8. get to cover sooo many places ..was it very rush?

    1. Hello :)
      I'm really excited that we could covered so many places. NOpe, the trip wasn't rush. The initial plan was 8 places in 19 days. Surprisingly, we make it for 15 places. For those small little town, we spent around 2-3 hours and the distance wasn't really far from the place we stayed :)

  9. 超期待你的欧洲游的啦!!!

    1. 谢谢你赞赏!!!弄到我很开心jek!!哈哈!!!

      希望我可以很勤劳的写啦!! :)

  10. I love the way you presented your photo. It is so entertaining and fascinating, especially with the map as the background. Awesome! I miss Europe too after seeing yours. You cover most of Switzerland.

    1. Thanks Diana. :)
      That's one of the reason why I wasted some time to edit and presented in another way. So that, readers will be enjoyed to read it. hehe..

      Yes yes, we visited many places in Switzerland. That's out of our expectation and plan too :)

  11. Yvonne, very nice! Don't delete the photos..! let it be thousands or more.. it's yr fond memory of the places...:)

    1. Thank you Farikica. I don't think I will delete it too. Every single picture is so beautiful!! :D

  12. 您必需勤劳地写哦!那您才可以给我们更多分享,然后被我们赞漂亮,你又可以飘飘然地飞来飞去哟!哈哈!

    1. 哈哈!! 我也希望可以很快写完。谢啦,你的赞赏。

  13. the way you display the photo, brief and one says all.

    Very detail itinery, and you guys really cover a lot of interesting places, better than us who follow tour. Awesome!


    1. Thanks Ley :) I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it.

      I always love to travel "free & easy". Because you can arrange and plan everything by yourself. Also, you can cover many places by your own. If follow tour, they will only bring you to famous sightseeing. You hardly enjoy the culture and understand more about that place. Try free and easy next time, it is truly awesome! :D


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