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Monday, October 01, 2012

If you missed out on my previous post about travelling in Europe this Spring, you still can browse it under this category/label - Europe Spring 2012.

Previously, I have shared my experiences on the transportation for getting around in Europe. In this post, I can't wait to share with you the accommodation in Europe. 

Tips before you book for accommodation:
  1. Do compare the price from different website. Normally, price at is expensive compared to That's why most of our accommodation was booked through Don't be greedy with the points that offer. :) 
  2. Do visit their (hotels etc) website before you make any booking through 3rd party booking website. Sometimes, there are some offers and better price rate offer by the hotel.
  3. Do research! I'm sure you don't wanna ruin your mood by staying in a dirty and bad services hotel, right? So, do your homework! Trip advisor is one of the best portal to read all the reviews and comments. Browse through their pictures that taken by those travellers. This was what I did and we were so happy and satisfied with all the accommodations we booked!
Me & bf do the researched and finalized the accommodation. It is not an easy task as you need to do many research from many aspects, such as:
  • Budget - *very very very important. $$$$$$$$$$
  • Location - We are not familiar with Europe map, thus we need to study the map & location. We will try to avoid to stay in the town because it will be very expensive, we will also try to avoid to stay far from the town because we hope to visit the tourist spots by walk (can save the petrol, $$$$ and good for health too :p). 
  • Tourist spots - List down the places that you would like to visit, try to look for the accommodations that easily reach or nearby.
  • Public transport - We rent a car there, thus it is not an issue for us. But for those who need public transports, please take this into consideration too.
  • Environment - To make sure the place is clean and tidy. Service is good.
  • Internet connection - *grin* one of the important things that I will take note. Almost all of the B&B(s) and hotel I stayed have free wifi. :D
We went to 7 countries and stayed in 9 different places. Here, I would like to share the sneak peak of all places we stayed in Europe. I will share further and post more pictures next (next next next post... *unsure yet*). 

All the hotels & B&Bs we stayed were really different, each of them were unique and has it own style. I'm glad that we stayed in different concept hotels & B&Bs throughout our stay in Europe - total, 9 of 'em. Although we look for cheap and valuable accommodations, bf suggested that we should also take the chance to stay in a better (or so-called high class) hotel too. 

p/s: €1 = RM4 (approximately)
p/p/s: CHF 1 = RM3 (approximately)


Art, Bed & Breakfast
Weteringschans 123, Amsterdam-Centrum, Amsterdam, 1017 SC.
Tel: +312 0422 1259

Price: € 170 (2 nights for 2 with breakfast)

Have you ever stay in an art gallery before?

This is a B&B in an art gallery, that's where the name came from - Art, Bed & Breakfast (ABB). Although this B&B is not located in the city center of Amsterdam, yet it is not hard to reach by walk but it took around 20-30 minutes to reach the city center by walk. Since the weather was chill, so we don't have any complaint at all. Hotels & B&Bs at Amsterdam was very expensive due to its Spring period and also the flora/tulips seasons. 

It was a cool and great experience to stay in an art gallery as we were surrounded by all the beautiful and awesome drawings, crafts, and also the interior design. As an ex-industrial design student, I was really impressed with all the drawings and products they made. I wish to bring them home but it is so expensive! Did I tell you that, they have comfortable sofa too? :D

There are 3 rooms in this gallery and each room was decorated with beautiful paintings and simple furniture. The room we stayed was not really big but it was enough to let us to have a good rest. Ahhhh... the bed was really comfortable. Since it is a B&B, a simple breakfast (breads & coffee) was provided. Self-service.

* * *

Yotel Schiphol Airport @ Amsterdam
Tel: +3120 7085 372

Price: € 106 (1 night for 2 without breakfast)

How about cabin? Have you ever stay in a cabin before? It was our last day in Europe and we will take our flight back to Malaysia from Amsterdam, so we decided to stay in the airport. Amsterdam airport is really big and you can actually take a tour & go around.

This was the small & compact cabin we stayed. Once you adjust the bed, no one can actually walk around in the cabin. It was really really small but everything you needed is provided and well prepared in this cabin. Truly another great experience.

Brussels, Belgium

Le Plaza Brussels
Boulevard Adolphe Max 118-126, Brussel, Brussels 1000 Belgium.
Tel: +32 2278 0100

Price: € 99 (1 night for 2 without breakfast)

I love this place really really really muchhhhhh!!!!! Every single furniture and decorations are so elegant and classic. The above picture is the spacious lobby with many sofa and chairs provided. The room didn't disappointed us as well. Unfortunately, it was quite hard to get a parking here, so we have to park our car which was 10 - 15 minutes walk from the hotel. Anyway, we don't really mind to walk at all.

Munich, Germany

Leonardo Munchen City Center
Senefelderstr. 4, Ludwigvorstadt-Isarvorstadt Munchen, 80336 Germany. 
Tel: +49 0 8962 039 702

Price: € 158.40 (2 nights for 2 without breakfast)

Leonardo Hotel is like a chain hotel and you could easily found it in other Europe countries. The Leonardo Hotel at Munich is not really big but the environment and rooms were not bad. The room was compact and hard to walk after we placed our BIG luggage(s). But we didn't complaint at all, as long as it is clean and comfortable. Worth to stay at here.


Hotel Hottingen @ Zurich
Hottingerstrasse 31,7. Flunten-Hottingen-Hirslanden-Witikon Zurich, 8032 Switzerland.
Tel: +41442561919

Price: CHF 250 (2 nights for 2 with breakfast)

Switzerland wasn't in our plan actually (I will explain more in Zurich post). Everyone knows that to travel to Switzerland is quite expensive because the living expenses is very high compare to other Europe countries. For sure, it is not easy to find a hotel which is near to the town with good price. *again*, since we have a car, thus the distance was not a problem to us. Hotel Hottingen is a small but nice hotel that not really far from town, approximately 10 minutes drive from the hotel to the town. As you can see from the above picture, there is a basin in the room without any partition. It was a room with a bed, basin, table and a cupboard. The washroom is outside the room which means we need to share with others. Breakfast was included and I was really satisfied.

* * *

Hotel Staubbach @ Lauterbrunnen
Hauptstrasse, Lauterbrunnen, 3822 Switzerland
Tel: +41 338 555 454

Price: CHF 220 (2 nights for 2 with breakfast)

This is worth to mention! Because it was my first time stayed in attic room which is the room that you can easily touch and reach the roof. This hotel is a B&B at Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. We came across this place (Lauterbrunnen) because we want to go to the alps name Jungfrau. This is one of the best place to stay if you want to go up to Jungfrau alps. We have a great stay here because the staff were really friendly, speak good English and the services were great too! Not to forget to mention that we accidentally bumped into a Malaysian family here. We speak in our own language and felt so warm. There is a small window in this attic room, and we can easily see the awesome and beautiful alps from here!!! I couldn't believe I have the chance to visit Switzerland! The breakfast provided by this B&B was variety and good. The dining area was facing the beautiful alps. How could you not in love with this B&B?

Venice, Italy

Rialto1082 - B&B Venezia
San Polo 1082 _ 30125 Venezia Italia _ P.Iva
Tel: +39 041 2410164

Price: € 244.80 (2 nights for 3 with breakfast)

Italy is quite famous with B&B and people hardly will choose to stay in the hotel when travel to Italy.  This was my second time traveled to Italy but first time to Venice. As you know, the expenses at Venice is not cheap as well especially the accommodation. We were a bit headache when looking and searching for the B&B that offer the best rate. I saw many good comments about Rialto 1082 on trip advisor and we decided to stay here after I keep contact with the owner through email for several times. They willing to give us 10% discount if we pay cash upon arrival. Diamino is the owner but we never meet him at all during the stay, it was his dad who welcome and serve us. The room was not elegant nor classic but it was really clean and comfortable. Breakfast was provided but the selections were really limited. 

Vienna, Austria

Hotel De France
Schottenring 3, 01. Innere Stadt, Vienna 1010, Austria.
Tel: +43 1313 683361

Price: € 480 (3 nights for 2 with breakfast)

Don't be shock by the price we paid. After you have read and see through all the places that we stayed, don't you agree that the accommodations that we choose was really different for each places? Most of the B&B and hotel we stayed was budgeted, and since Vienna is the second last country we gonna visit, bf suggested to stay in a better environment and so-called "high class" hotel. Hotel de France was the hotel chosen by him and he quite looking forward to staying at there. It is a 4 star hotel which located at a strategic location and there is a big park right opposite, many people were sun-bathing at the park every evening. 

A bonus we got from this hotel was, our room has been upgraded!!!!! Look at the picture above, it was a 2-storey room. The first level is the living hall, washroom and a toilet, balcony, cupboard; second level is the bed and a toilet. The room was really spacious and we were really really happy!

Prague, Czech Republic

Vintage Hotel Design Sax
Jansky Vrsek 3, Prague 01, Prague, 11800, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 257 531268

Price: € 378 (3 nights for 2 with breakfast)

We spent 4 days 3 nights at this beautiful and romantic city - Prague. Before I travel to Prague, there were actually few bloggers has visited this place and the hotel they stayed were great! Somehow, I bumped into this hotel when I was searching other hotels in Prague. Vintage Design Hotel Sax is a hotel that will definitely cheer you and make you happy during your stay here. The interior design is so colourful and vibrant, the vintage and retro is my liking. Every level have different design and I actually walked in every level and take pictures. I shall share more in different post.

* * * * * * * * *

That's the summary of the accommodations in Europe. I would say that all the B&B and hotels I stayed was totally different from each other. It was definitely a great experience!!

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  1. What a lovely and informative post you have here!!! ;D Good things are meant to be shared.. thank you so much for your wonderful post! I have bookmarked this post for future purpose! ;P And now i don't need to worry where to stay next time if I were to travel to Europe country..

    1. I always love to share good things! :)

      You're always welcome. I hope the post I write and share will give an idea to all the people who wanna travel to Europe.

  2. Hey M, thanks for the info, prob will have to refer back for my next year's trip :D

    It's good to have you back at blogsphere... miss reading all your posts and staring at ur nice pics. Love u!

    1. Hey J, you're welcome!

      Share more with me about your next year's trip... Which place are you going?? Email me if you will write very long. heheeeee

      I love you too! <3

  3. agrh!!! i refresh so many times & finally can leave comment d!!
    hey is nice sharing gal!!! well done! i enjoy for tis post hahhaa xD

    那个荷兰art gallery酒店真的又不错又便宜哦,ok啦~

    cabin我住过,在台湾的,哈哈哈~ 很小很小有点辛苦的一晚,哈哈哈,但算是一个新尝试。




    1. *感动* 谢谢你的用心。。。想不到你发电邮给我,然后还在这里留言。超感动的!!!


      去欧洲玩,你知道的啦!不能够 convert 去马币,不然真的贵到~~~~~~~要命!!Brussel的,真的很不错,价格也合理。我觉得蛮便宜的咧!




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