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Saturday, October 13, 2012

WELCOME back myself into blogging world. :) 
Here's the next post after I have blogged about the accommodation I stayed at Europe. 

Amsterdam was the first destination in our Europe Spring 2012 because the flight - Malaysia Airline we took was landed at Amsterdam. After some sneak peak in previous few post, it is time to start sharing in more details and also more pictures.

We were safely landed at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam at 7am (Amsterdam timing) after a 13 hour flight. I miss the chilling weather since my last trip to UK at 2009. The weather was 4°C only and this was the first Amsterdam view I saw once I stepped out from the airport.

Sunny day, nice and beautiful weather. I'm getting excited!

Our arrival time was too early, none of the shop is open and it was not convenient to visit any place yet because we have more than 3 big luggages. Anyway, I have contacted the owner of the B&B that we will arrive early before we depart from Malaysia and they allow us to place our luggage at the living hall of the B&B before we are allow to check in at 2pm.

Initially, this B&B is an art gallery. Thus, you can imagine that their ABB will be decorated with beautiful painting and hand craft. 

What is so cool about this ABB? It is a small and exclusive place to stay in Amsterdam which have stylish rooms, an intimate stay between art, near to city centre which take around 20 minutes walk, nearby the museums, pubs and... ohya! It is also near to Heneiken.

Main entrance (left) to the ABB.

We were shocked when arrived because we thought the ABB was at the second floor (enter from the door at right) and the stair case was really narrow.

Beautiful gallery isn't it? White was the theme colour of the interior and the walls were hanging with the awesome and beautiful paintings. There were many awesome and cute hand craft too. 

The other side of the main hall. The brown door was the main entrance.

From here, we can see the beautiful view of the street and many people always cycling and passing by.

I would say that it is a 3-storey B&B because there were short stair case to upper and lower level.

The short stair case to upper level.

A living hall at upper level, and 2 rooms. This is the place I surf net and having our breakfast every morning.

Beautiful and artistic paintings. I was attracted by all these arts.

Hand craft cactus.
It reminds me of my mock up and model making at workshop during my Uni time.

This is the room we stayed - simple, clean and neat. Not forget to mention that the bed was really comfortable. A simple cabinet cum dressing table which attached to the wall, towers, chair and tv was included in the small room. (p/s: this photo was taken from booking website)

Living hall at lower level.

Comfortable sofa, decorated with different paintings, and colourful floor mat. At this level, there is a room, bathroom and kitchen.

View of the living hall from the other side. That's the stair case.  (p/s: this photo was taken from booking website)

As for the washroom, I grabbed the photos from booking website too. I realize I didn't take much photo of this B&B.

There is only 1 bathroom in the B&B and thus we need to share with others. The bathroom was simple and clean too.

I like the poster hanging on the wall.

Small and compact kitchen.

They have almost everything in the kitchen. The best was, a coffee machine was prepared by the owner too. (p/s: this photo was taken from booking website)

Bread, coffee, jam and others were well prepared and provided.

The coffee bean provided by the B&B, we can make our own coffee with the provided coffee machine. I have at least 2 cups a day. :)

From the kitchen, there is a door to the backyard and the canal!

The beautiful view I taken from the backyard at the last morning we stayed at this B&B. Ain't it an amazing view?

Door to the kitchen.

Overall, Art, Bed and Breakfast is a nice place to stay and I would recommend my friends here. They have everything that you need during the stay. *I LIKE AMSterdam and miss that place now*

Art, Bed & Breakfast (ABB)
Weteringschans 123, Amsterdam-Centrum, Amsterdam, 1017 SC.
Tel: +312 0422 1259

Price: € 170 (2 nights for 2 with breakfast) *as per date April 2012

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  1. Welcome back Yvonne! Hope you still remember me ;)

    Amsterdam must be a nice place! I only managed to stop at it's airport during my Europe trip last 2 years... Hmm...

    1. Hey Hayley, of coz I still remember you!! HAHA!!!

      Indeed, Amsterdam is a nice place. Tulips is everywhere during Spring.

  2. omg just the accommodation alone is so cool and sweet-looking! :) great place for tranquility

    Latest: Best of Ramen

  3. Cool....
    PS; Love how you edit your photo and the wording, mind to share what software u are using?

  4. 好喜欢你入住的酒店设计

    1. Hopefully I can blog everything before you go to Europe for second time. :D

  5. 酒店风格很有特色,希望有朝一日也能亲眼欣赏到荷兰那迷人的郁金香~:)

    1. Surely you can make it. Go honeymoon with your hubby again. :)


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