Fall Travel 2012: Bali, Indonesia

Monday, November 12, 2012

Normally, I will travel to overseas at least twice a year. After Europe trip on spring 2012, I went to Bali, Indonesia on October. Actually, Bali is not in our plan and I never think to travel to this place at all although most of my friends went there before and telling me the beauty of Bali.

Here's the story:
Our initial plan was travel to Hanoi, Vietnam on 23 - 26 October 2012. Thanks to Air Asia again, we managed to grab the flight ticket at cheaper price. It was Tuesday (23 Oct), which was also another normal working day, 6.30am flight. When we reached the airport, it was crowded with people and long Q. Although I have checked-in through mobile, yet I still need to queue when I want to drop off my baggage. The gate closed 20 minutes before departure time, and we were late for 5 minutes. I pleased the officer to open the gate and allow us to enter. Unfortunately, the captain don't allowed although I have pleased them for 3 times. SIGH!

Many people missed their flight too, NOT only us. Guess it was the crowded situation that causing most of the people missed the flight. Air Asia is really not considerable at all. Anyway, I have request for tax refund and it is in the process. 

Since I didn't pay any deposit to the hotel at Hanoi yet, so we just wasted the flight ticket. To cut off the long grandmother story, we ended up travel to Bali after done some quick research - flight ticket & accommodation. It was quite challenging and a good experience to travel to a place that I didn't plan at all and I don't know anything about Bali. Luckily, I have read some Bali travel post before. Thus, I knew some of the "must-visit" place such as Tanah Lot, volcano, Jimbaran to eat the seafood and jagung (corn) and Kuta. That's all I know!

In this post, I would like to share some of the pictures I posted in my Instagram (www.instagram.com/yvonnesam). FOLLOW me ya (。◕‿◕。)

We are reaching Bali after 3 hours flight. 

 Trademark of Bali.
You will see this everywhere, and this is at the hotel we stayed.

This is the hotel we stayed, a truly awesome place to unwind. Check out Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa. My friends were shocked when I told them the place I stayed. They told me the accommodations at Nusa Dua is not cheap, luckily we managed to get the great deal on booking.com last minute.

 Cosy and comfortable room.

 Spacious room and I was really joyful because it was far from what I've expected.

 Complimentary welcome drink. We can have it any time throughout our stay.

Enjoying the delectable breakfast by the lake side.

Seafood dinner at Jimbaran on our first night. I did some research and this restaurant I went - Lia's, is providing the seafood at reasonable price. The set we ordered was RM100+ for 2, which comes with 2 bottle of Bintang beer, white rice, vegetable and the awesome seafood! It was taste really good!!! I will blog separately. We were very happy with the dinner and it was quite romantic too, because we had our dinner facing the beach. :)

The famous Bintang Beer.

Corn selling at Jimbaran.
I always heard that the corn at Bali is really yummy and we must try it!!!! Words can't describe how yummy it was! MUST TRY!! MUST TRY!!!! It was so juicy and favourable.

 Jalan-jalan at Kuta Town.

 The weather was really good throughout our stay at Bali. 

I'm happy with the purchased. 
The owner was really a "killer", price that offered by him was RM200+ for 2. Finally, I managed to get it at RM40+ for 2!!!! They are really sucking your money. So, shop wise.

 Beautiful Kuta Beach. 
There were many foreigners sun-bathing there and all of them were tanned, but still looking pretty and handsome. :) 

HEHE... he found his mate at Kuta beach, wearing the same Bintang tee.

Various banks' ATM machines at your convenience @ Kuta Town. 


Trying out the famous Luwak coffee (green pot and green cup) which I find it nothing special. Hmm...

We were also given a chance to try different type of coffee & tea for FREE. YES! We only paid for the Luwak coffee which cost RM20+ for a pot. *expensive*

 Tegalalang Rice Terrace.
We saw many kawaii Japanese tourist here.

@ Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

The famous Kintamani Volcano.

 We had buffet lunch facing the volcano, RM50+ per person.

 The chicken satay taste good!

 Beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot.

We thinking to have seafood dinner at Tanah Lot but it was too pricey and finally we decided to try some authentic Indonesia food such as fried rice etc.

 Night life at Kuta, Bali was really happening.


Special edition vodka at Duty Free Galleria. 
I bought this for my colleagues.

 The China cigarette we saw at duty free galleria was so expensive!

Beautiful deco at Duty Free Galleria Bali.
I love the concept and idea.

Complimentary professional photo shooting provided by Nusa Dua hotel. 
One photo were given as a memory.

Our trip to Bali wasn't on tight itinerary. We woke up late, enjoy our breakfast, went for jacuzzi and swimming, then only we went out. It was really a chill, relax and unwind trip. I'm in love with Bali, it is a very very very very beautiful place. ❤

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  1. nice words, beautiful photos, pretty models and wonderful Bali ;)

    great post!

  2. 就是觉得很奇怪


  3. 印尼妹好可爱哦!!!哈哈哈哈!!!

    我没去过bali,但也听说nusa dua的酒店很贵!看你住的酒店就觉得很豪华魅力,你还可以得到很好的价钱,真pandai ^^


  4. i am sure it tooks u a lot of time to edit these pics. I love this post. Full of pictures that speak thousand words..;P
    Simple , brief, and heart-warming... <3 Heheheeeee.. so enjoy life.. keep it up babe!!^^

  5. 那时吓了一跳 原来我们都在bali度假 哈哈

  6. 酒店去到市区或其他旅游地点会远吗??
    那个Tegalalang Rice Terrace,Tanah Lot景点都很美!!
    期待你的Bali post~~~

  7. Very nice photos! The hotel rate you got was really cheap!

  8. I spent a throat cutting price for seafood at jimbaran abt RM300++ for 2 :'( because never done any research....


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