31st December 2012 ❤

Monday, December 31, 2012

There are many similar / same status updated on social media site, especially Facebook. To be different, I have decided to do a last post in 2012. There are tons to photo to be shared and I will write accordingly based on month-by-month.

If you are following me on my Facebook page / Twitter / Instagram, you might have seen most of these pictures.

YAY!!!! I love January.
Just simply because......
January is my birthday month! :)

So, ya.... My birthday is coming soon.
It is on 17th January :)

Bf bought me to a jewelery shop and she told me that he wanna buy a necklace to her mum. He asked my opinion and after he paid, he gave the box to me and said "Happy Birthday" :) 

 Blue is my favourite colour, that's explain why.. :)

February is the month for the lovers.
I think we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day at any restaurant, it was just a simple dinner at home.
Besides, I couldn't find any pictures I take in February.
So... let's moving forward to March.

It was another ordinary month to me.
One of the highlight was, a short gathering with ex-colleagues at Caffeinees, Pandan Indah.

We are all working in different company now but we will still gather together once a while or every month.

It was the most happening one in year 2012! I got the second chance to travel to Europe again! and this time, we went to more countries. It was really exciting and part of like, dreams come true.

If you have read the sneak peak of my Europe trip, you have actually know that I have traveled to 15 places in 19 days. It was a bonus because we were driving, and we got the chance to visit more places.

Another BONUS that worth to mention is trip to Switzerland. This country wasn't in our initial plan, that why I say is a bonus. Another "plus bonus" was, I got the chance to experience snowing and I jump over for JOY. Because I never think that this will happen to me.

After back from Europe trip, time to get ready for my Uni mate's wedding.I'm the maid of honor.
It was a garden theme wedding at Mines Wellness Hotel, Seri Kembangan.

Another memorable month..
It's our anniversary...
10th June 

Lovely dinner at Tanzini, G-Tower.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at Kedah.

My company (property division) rebuilt a new home for 2 old nenek (grandma) who stay in a very lousy wooden house previously. We were there to give support and helping as well. It was a meaningful event.

First road trip with colleagues..
3D2N trip to Penang..


10th July
Exactly one month after our anniversary..
It was bf's birthday

Unfortunately, it was his CLP exam month.
Thus, we don't have any special celebration.

Company was organizing a tea party to rewards the Facebook fans and I'm one of the committee.

We have a photo booth and create many props for the guest to have fun & take pictures.

After Europe trip in April,
we decided to have a short road trip to Cameron Highlands.
2D1N, with friends.

To rejuvenate after hectic working life..

Celcom - Cupcake challenge event.
It was another chance to meet & hang out with my blogger friends.

Our team won the best cupcake decorations.
Two sets of beautiful recipe book was given as a reward.

Another joyful month as one of my friend is tying the knot with the other half.
Blessed marriage to both of them - Wai Seng & Angel.

Each wedding will be a great gathering to all of us.

With my girls - Crystal & Jirian.

My bff back from Melbourne!!!
We have unfinished stories to share!!
Starbucks is our favourite hang out place - "for your info" :)

I'm looking towards to October too.
Because, it will be another trip to overseas.
This time, we choose Asia country - Hanoi, Vietnam.
Due to some circumstances, we end up at Bali, Indonesia.


Before we travel to Bali, bf received his CLP result.
Congrats! He passed the exam.
This is the rewards for him, from me.

He send a picture to me when he first wore it to work. 
Colleagues birthday, @ Muzeum, Setia Walk, Puchong.

I was invited to an art & design exhibition.
Every piece of artwork are amazingly done.

We discovered a cafe that have nice and cosy ambiance - Acme Bar & Coffee (ABC) at Jalan Troika.

 Interior of ABC.

 Been there twice.
First time - coffee & dessert at 11pm.
Second time - brunch with friends.

It was a sudden decision to visit my sister in Singapore - 3D2N.

 Thanks sis for accompany me.

 Thanks her again to bring me here.

A joyful month.
It's Christmas!!!
This is the festival I love the most!!

Gift - A Christmas bear from bf :)

 BF decided to bring me to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) at Johor.
It reminds me the fashion outlets in UK.

One of the good bought in JPO.
Pinky lace high heels - love it.
Don't you find it sexy as well? :)

 We spent one whole day in Singapore too.
Together with our friends.

 Night view at Marina Bay Sands.

Company annual dinner.
Theme - under the sea.
Thus, our pictures turned out blueish..

 Colleague who love Korean a lot!

 "Eat Play Drive" with Nissan Almera.
It was a day trip to Malacca with blogger friends.
We got the chance to drive the new car, and enjoyed Malacca famous delicacies too.

Tea time at Grand Hyatt KL.

 The signature cake that everyone love it.

 24th December 2012 - Christmas Eve
Buffet dinner with drearest family at MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan.
I was wearing a cute head band, souvenir from my boss (from bkk).
Many people have heard & try the black ink squid spaghetti.
How about black fried rice?

Look for PLOY at Damansara Heights.
The food were great but is kinda pricey.

 Environment in PLOY.

30th Dec 2012 (Sunday)
I have written down my resolution for year 2013.
Let's moving forward and work it out!!!
 A cute picture of me & my 2nd sister to end my post.


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  1. Happy New Year my dear M, may u be happy and healthy always.

    Good luck in 2013.

    My bday is coming soon too *wink*

    1. Thanks J. Good Luck to you too in 2013 :)
      I know la, your birthday is coming soon...... ^^

  2. You have been to quite many countries and places this year, I think Europe is the most memorable one la!

    Hmm, several wedding receptions too, so when's your turn? *wink*

    Anyway, happy new year to you and bf!

    1. Happy new year Hayley.

      Yaya, Europe is the most memorable one in 2013. Trip to Bali as well too. :)

      I have actually missed out many weddings last year. ^^ This year have many weddings to attend too. Me? Not so fast. hehe.

  3. 新年快乐gal ^^

    1. 新年快乐珊珊!!!!
      看来大家都把2012年都注目在我的欧洲游。 哈哈!!!


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