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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I have decided to share this in ONE post, which means there will be tons of photos and please, enjoy it! As I said earlier, our initial plan was travel to Hanoi, Vietnam. End up, we were at Bali. Read previous post to know more about it.

Although we booked our accommodation at very last minute, but we still managed to grab a great deal. Thanks to, we stumbled upon this hotel at a reasonable price. Without hesitation, we clicked BOOK! Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa was the hotel we stayed. Seriously, I don't know where is Nusa Dua, how is Nusa Dua looks like etc.

The hotel is really amazing and far from our expectations. We didn't know that the hotel is so huge and many facilities were provided. They even have a private beach too! How awesome!!!!  The price was RM1,100+ for 3 nights at this amaze 5 stars hotel. 

I will share this post in 4 different section - The Hotel, The Room, The Spa & The Breakfast.

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Bali

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa is located on the southern peninsula of Bali, 25 minutes away from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. The tranquility of the resort spreads over 23 acres with an oasis of tropical gardens and sundrenched shores of beautiful Nusa Dua peninsula.

Lobby #1

The interior design is the mixture of traditional and contemporary design which also brings out the wellness feel. You will definitely feel the freshness all around the hotel as well. Check it out now...

Lobby #2

Lobby #3

Sofa and seats are provided at every corner of the hotel.

Staircase to lower level from the lobby.

Many guests will chill and enjoy their drinks here at night.

Cozy and comfortable sofa.
I just love to chill at here during evening and enjoy the breezing weather.

This is the extended bar area (left) and we chilled at here after our dinner.

... and enjoy the complimentary welcome drink - can choose from non-alcoholic or alcoholic drink. We can enjoy the welcome anytime throughout our stay.

Casual wear and went down to enjoy the drink.

We reached at 4pm, checked-in, explored our room, bath and went out to explore the hotel.

There are more than 10 restaurants and bars provided and every restaurant have its own uniqueness. The price is much more pricey compare to other restaurant at Bali Town.

There is another restaurant facing the swimming pool.

There are 2 swimming pool at Nusa Dua Hotel. This is the general and public swimming pool for the guests, guest with children can enjoy their swimming time here as there is a children swimming pool provided right beside the adult swimming pool. The other swimming pool is at spa area and I shall share with you later.

The private beach of Nusa Dua Hotel.
It was sunset and the scenery was beautiful.

Nope. This is not for us.

Another bar restaurant that facing the beach. It will be very romantic to have dinner by the seaside, accompany by the breezing & chilling weather.

Room 3022

Although our room is not facing the beach, yet we still have a great view from our balcony.

The welcome kit we received when check-in.

One of the surprise we received was Nusa Dua Hotel offered one free professional photo at the beach. This is really worth to mention because this is the only hotel that offer this kind of complimentary service so far (which I know la...). For the mentioned professional photo, please refer to previous post *again*. I don't wanna post it again. *feel paiseh* LOL.

Panorama view of our room.

It is a newly renovated room and as I said, the interior is the mixture of Balinese and contemporary design. Room was really cozy and have spacious space too.


Sadly, the bathroom was not really big and they don't have any bath tub for deluxe room.

Basically, they have provide everything that needed and we have no complaint about that.

Night view from my room.

Nusa Dua Spa

On the second day, we went to the spa after breakfast.

We were requested to register before using the spa facilities.

We are free to enjoy the jacuzzi and other spa facilities. 
However, they charge for other spa services, such as massage etc.

Compare to the swimming pool at the other side of the hotel, I prefer to enjoy my private time here because the environment is more cozy and quiet. Most of the guest will enjoy reading books and have a cup of fruit juice here.

For spa, male and female is separated to 2 different section.

Changing and locker room.

Complete and useful toiletry was well-prepared.

A jug of refreshing lemongrass was prepared.

On the left pool, it is the jacuzzi. The water was really hot but you will definitely feel relax after awhile. Next to the jacuzzi is a pool filled with cold water.

Wedang Jahe International Cuisine

Surrounded by a tropical lotus pond, Wedang Jahe restaurant is the idyllic setting for breakfast with endless choices of International and local dishes. Breakfast starting at 6.30am to 10.30am.  There are 2 seating area - outdoor and indoor. We choose to sit outside during our 4 days stay here because I wanna enjoy the fresh air every morning.

I was thrilled when I saw there were so many types of bread was served but I only managed to have one everyday because there were other foods that I wanna try as well.

They are also serving Indonesian traditional herbal drink but I didn't give it a try.
I prefer to have few cups of coffee and orange juice when I have buffet breakfast at hotel. :)

Pan cake & waffles.

Japanese foods corner - miso soup, tofu etc..

My favourite corner!

I'm blessed with good foods *wink*

Finally, end of this post.

I enjoy my stay here and highly recommended to those who want to have a pleasant & unforgettable holiday at Bali.

ciao... till then

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