First driving experience with Nissan Almera to Malacca

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It was my first driving experience with Nissan Almera, together with fellow bloggers and media to Malacca for a day trip. Besides experiencing the newly launched Nissan Almera, we were also having fun to hunt for delicious food at Malacca.

I'm sure you have seen many Nissan Almera on the road now.

All the bloggers and media gathered at Edaran Tan Chong Motor, SouthGate for breakfast and a short briefing. After all the arrangement, time to vrrrrrroooooommmm.. Oppss.. and a group photo was taken first.

All of us were given a goody bag and we were required to wear the tee that provided. 
Space + Style + Technology = Almera.

Stopped at Seremban R&R. It was supposedly a short break after the drive, but everyone was getting excited and start to take pictures..

The bloggers.

Me & Eunice - we were in same group.

Fun with Almera.

Kelly & Eunice

Two cutie pie - Eunice & Hui Ping.

Nissan Almera on the road.

Aunty Koh’s Cendol
No. 5113, Jalan Batang Tiga,
Kampung Bukit Rambai.
75250, Melaka.

This is Aunty Koh and she was busy preparing the cendol and serving customers. All by her own without any help from others. Most of us said:"Aunty, we wanna take picture of you, look at the camera please..." Aunty replies:"Huh? Take picture ar? Aunty very busy o..~ " Haha.. Cute aunty.

Aunty Koh cendol was not in town and it was my first time here. There are 2 types of cendol is serving here but I still prefer the original one. The other one is cendol without any santa.

A small bowl of cendol for me....
Next, we head over to the town for delectable Nyonya food.

Peranakan Restaurant
107, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200, Melaka.

It was lunch hour and we finished the food in a mere moment. One of the reason was the foods were yummy! Especially the Ikan Tenggiri Asam Pedas, Ayam Pong Teh, and Sambal Bendih.

Dessert time at Nadeja after the scrumptious lunch at  Peranakan Restaurant

Nadeje Cake House
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000, Melaka.

To be honest, this was my second time for Nadeja. First time was at Dataran Pahlawan, but I heard that I has been closed down. Is that true? Anyway, the interior design at this Nadeja outlet was unique and cosy.

Mille Crepe seems like everyone's favourite,. Although I like Chocolate and green tea but I still prefer the original taste of mille crepe.

Klebang Original Coconut Shake
Jalan Klebang, 75250, Melaka.

Klebang Original Coconut Shake is not located at Malacca city centre. We heard that this place is famous for the coconut shake and we were surprised that the place was so crowded and most of the table was fully occupied.

There are 2 types of coconut shake, with and without Vanilla Ice-Cream.

I enjoyed my cup of coconut shake special - with Vanilla Ice Cream.

We were so fulled after all the yummylicious food at Malacca. Before we heading to Seremban for dinner, we enjoy our time at the beach & of coz ..... take pictures too!!!!

Yeahhh!!! Group pic with Nissan Almera.

Glad to meet the famous blogger - Huai Bing for the first time, he was quite friendly.

Bloggers in action.

Ria Seaview Village
90 – 92, Jalan Toman 5, Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Dinner at Seremban before we heading back to KL.

It was a great & fun moment to have a day trip with bloggers and media. Besides, I got to know many new friends too!~ 

Verdict after I drove Nissan Almera - It was a car with affordable price, one of the benefit that worth to mention is Nissan Almera have a spacious interior. That's one of the unique selling points. Overall, it performed quite well but sometimes I feel a bit bumpy too when we started to drive faster. Anyway, it was a car that I personally think that worth to buy. Go to your nearer Nissan outlet for test drive. :)

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  1. 吉隆坡博客生涯很精彩
    怎么Penang 没有?哈哈!!


    1. 无法否认,吉隆坡博客会比较容易得到活动的邀请。因为,很多活动都是以雪隆为主。当让,外地也有,只是比较少吧。


  2. 好可惜我去了古晋啊~不然就可以参与这个活动!

    1. 嗯咯!!不然我们可以一起玩翻天!

  3. Replies
    1. 不错啦!哈哈!!可以认识新的朋友。。


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