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Monday, January 07, 2013

First post in year 2013.

Here's a little update before I continue with some awesome stuff to share with all of you.

Blog Layout
I like previous layout but it bring inconvenience, many readers sent message to me saying that they can't post comment. I think that's the problem with the layout, thus I have change back to the normal layout and do some light changes. Hope you will like it la~ Finger cross that the "posting comment" issue will be solved.

2013 Resolutions
Usually, I don't set any resolutions for myself. But this year gonna be different! I can't disclose much here but will definitely share out at the end of 2013 if I achieve it!

Well, one of the 2013 resolutions is to blog more!! When I browsed back the post I blog in year 2012, it was really pathetic!!! It was the fewest post I have ever blog. Anyway, I'm trying to forget the pass that somehow make my life miserable & I can't concentrate well on many things etc. 2013, please treat me good. 


I'm sure most of you have heard about Grand Hyatt Hotel in KL. Many bloggers have blog about how awesome was the signature dessert. Thanks bf for the surprise, he promised to bring me there. I'm overloaded with sweetness that day, because of the love from bf (he was sick but still bring me there, due to the promised he made) and also the sweetness from the signature cake.

Ohya, all the photos here were taken by Samsung Galaxy S3. I bought dslr actually, but I forgot to insert the battery. *banging head to the wall* Luckily, the photos still turned out good.

Thrity8 is the name and it is located at level 38. You have to take the lift at car park, then proceed to lobby level. After that, you need to change to another lift to level 38. No worries if you are confusing, as written by other bloggers, the staff in Grand Hyatt are really friendly and they are happy to lead you the way. 

 Grand and long stair case at lobby level.

Christmas was around the corner *that time*. It was 22/12/2012. 

The area was really spacious and they enhance the space with a big Christmas tree and a grand piano. I was wearing a newly bought maxi dress, love the bright colour of the dress. Believe or not, it cost only RM25 for the dress! Believe it!

We were greet by the friendly staff after coming out from the lift. It was 2pm and many tables weren't occupied yet. My initial plan was to try the signature cake only. Yes, I'm a bit cheapskate. The signature cake itself already cost RM25, expensive! x

Anyway, bf suggested we have the afternoon tea after the staff's recommendation. Price at RM68 per person for the afternoon tea, since we are going to have the signature cake later. Thus, we ordered afternoon for one person.

 The afternoon tea comes with selections of teas and coffee.
So, I have a pot a flower tea and bf have a cup of cafe latte.

 Both of our drinks come with a piece of cookies.

 It might be an ordinary cookies but it taste good. If you are a chocolate lover, you might love it.

 Here's the afternoon tea set - sweet & savory.

Sweet - Plain and raisin scones with strawberry preserve and chantilly cream | Open slice | Hazelnut eclair | Strawberry mousse slice | *Flowerpots* | Almond frainds | Selection of macaroons | Hazelnut biscotti.

Savory - Finger sandwiches - Cucumber, dill, cream cheese | Smoked salmon, chives, lemon butter | Egg mayonnaise, watercress | Chicken, horseradish.

 Finger sandwiches

 Plain and raisin scones which supposedly comes with strawberry preserve and chantilly cream. I think they forgot the jam and cream thus we asked from the waitress.

They didn't give us any cream, but it comes with assorted of jam - strawberry, orange marmalade, raspberry and honey.

I think this is the "flowerpots" that written on the menu. It was filled with crunchy almonds with a creamy based. Taste perfectly.

Here's the well-known Signature Cake - RM25. It took 15 - 20 minutes to prepare this awesome dessert that everyone would die for.

The dessert served with a scoop of banana ice-cream, raspberries and nuts.  The combination of hot-cold was taste heavenly. 

 Ohhh... did I tell you that our seat was facing KLCC tower?
Thirty8 is a 360 degree view restaurant, here's some pictures to share out.

KL City View


Feel the love 

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  1. Such a posh place for tea!

    I think the signature cake does look heavenly oh yums and Happy 2013 Mei~

    Muacks and love from me ^^

    And no matter wat ur plan is, I wish you ALL THE BEST :) Support and love u always (you know I do!) Muacks again!

    1. Awwwww... so sweet! So many kisses from you. I'm flying high..... to the sky... already. HAHA!!!!

      Thanks for your mentally support! It means a lot to me too, because I know you will there for me if I need you :)

      The signature cake is really sinful! When we pay the bill and ready to go, the waitress asked how was the tea time? I answered:"I'm overloaded with sweetness" Heheee :D

      Happy 2013 to you too, J.

  2. Very nice place!

    Love your maxi dress la~

    And your new blog layout, definitely much friendlier than before -)

    1. Thanks Hayley :)

      I'm glad that finally I have change the new layout too.

  3. Beautiful place to have desserts and enjoy the KL skyline with loved ones...

    1. Yup Jeff! It's definitely a good place to enjoy good foods with the loved ones.. :) And also with the besties :)

  4. 谢谢你换了layout, 至少我可以post comment了,哈哈哈哈!!!以前也是ok啦,就一次。
    *i like ur new layout anyway!!!! ^^

    yea blog more^^ 好呀!不要懒惰哈 =p

    这间我没去过, 我要下午茶!!!!

    1. 哈哈!!!为了让你能够“顺利”的post comment,所以只好换咯!



      这件裙实在Kenanga City Wholesales 买的。你可以去看看,那里有很多美美的衣服,价钱也合理-便宜过市价。

  5. 新的一年,新的开始,愿一切都美好、安康! Happy 2013! :D

  6. 啊~~你这篇介绍是大大吸引着我这个甜品+下午茶kaki!!!尤其那道Signature Cake,我完全被你的照片俘虏住了!!^^

    1. 哈哈!!!那 Signature Cake 超好吃的!!!不枉我等了15-20分钟。记得去试试,我相信你也会喜欢。


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