Hong Kong & Shen Zhen Family Trip - Sneak Peak

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Chap Goh Mei 元宵节快乐!!

Today is Sunday and also, the last day of Chinese New Year!  I'm sure many people will go out for CNY celebration tonight. Few of the activities that can't be miss must be eating, take ang pow, be fashionable this CNY and also gambling. Last few day, I have stumbled upon this lady name Lacey Jones who is a fashion model turned poker pro. I think she will be looking gorgeous and stunning with the Cheong Sam which is the mandarin gown.

I have a great 5D4N trip with family to Hong Kong and Shen Zhen, China this CNY. Here are some sneak peak which I have shared on my instagram too.  We departed to Hong Kong on day 4 of CNY (chu 4) by MAS airline. It was a 4 hours flight and I killing my time with TVB drama and #selca with my sisters. :) 

Weather at Hong Kong was chilling and I still can cope with it. Our flight was delayed for an hour and it didn't ruin our mood. We checked in to Panda Hotel after reached Hong Kong, take some rest before we start to explore this city. Many people was surprised that I didn't visit Hong Kong before, reason being, I have visited many countries in Europe but why not Hong Kong or other Asia country like Taiwan, Korea, Japan etc. Actually I prefer Europe countries more because they have different culture. For HK, TW, Korea will be in my traveling list now. After HK, I will be traveling to Taiwan with my ex-colleague this April. :) Wheeee, gonna be another exciting trip.

Day one at Hong Kong - we take MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Hong Kong night view at Victoria Harbour.


Hong Kong Dim Sum.

Apartment at Hong Kong is extremely expensive!!!!!. For a 392 sq ft apartment, it cost around HKD400k. Couldn't deny that living expenses at Hong Kong is really high.

Shopping heaven - Mong Kong. It is a nice place to hang out and also place to try Hong Kong delicacies.

The famous 鸡蛋仔, it taste like waffle but this is more fluffy. My sis was addicted to this and she have 3 pieces.

Mong Kong was getting crowded when comes to night time.

Residence in HK.

Visit Bonjour (similar to Sasa), they are selling most of the beauty products at lower price compare to Sasa and other shop. Besides, there are many miniature products for your to choose from. You will be spoilt by choices.

 浅水湾 Repulse Bay

 浅水湾 Repulse Bay

浅水湾 Repulse Bay

 Having fun with sisters..

 浅水湾 Repulse Bay
Place to make your wishes.

They said, this yacht belongs to the famous 李嘉诚 Li Ka Shing.

We took 45 mins train ride from Hong Kong to Shen Zhen.

Our room with see-through bath room.

Chinese-style breakfast at Shen Zhen Hotel.

RMB 50 cent.
Sour & Spicy noodle.

Window of the world.


Shen Zhen is a big city and we were lucky to enjoy the CNY mood at China. Every corner was nicely decorated with CNY decorations, thus we can really feel the excitement of CNY.

Till then.....

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  1. HongKong and ShenZhen are really nice place to travel! I always hope to go there as watched too many TVB drama LOL

  2. 握着鸡蛋仔的你很漂亮,真的!我有被迷倒!!^^

  3. wow... loads of pictures to feast the eye!! love this post... <3 so much fun in HK!!

  4. Nice post. I see many familiar sights... Loves it!


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