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Friday, February 01, 2013

I have decided to compile everything at the end of every month and share with my readers here. Time flies! End of January, welcoming February.

"How I love the mysteries of life. It is the little things that make a big difference to everything that we already have, and already know." - That's the January quote on my calendar.

 Steamboat at home | Favourite egg tarts | Beautiful sunset | First Lou Sang of the year 2013 | Yummylicious butter garlic prawns | Extraordinary fried rice | CNY nian gao | CNY Food Review at Mines Wellness Hotel | Ted & Brown | Quote - True Fact | Palace of the Golden Horses - Kim Ma Restaurant | Another quote | Dinner for 2 | Kim Ma Restaurant CNY food review | 2nd Lou Sang of the year

"Everyone says that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, but in the society we live in, it isn't. No one gives you the chance to show that you're beautiful on the inside if you aren't on the outside." - true fact. Are you agree?

Sweetest birthday wishes from bff | Awesome sashimi at Tokyo Kitchen | Blessed birthday to me - 17th Jan | Birthday dinner with colleagues at Tokyo Kitchen, Setia Walk | Yummy! Fresh and thick salmon | Interior design of Tokyo Kitchen | Nice postcard from colleague | CNY decoration at Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel | CNY decoration at Sunway Pyramid - Huge ship | BFF album from my bff few years back | Kiraku Japanese Restaurant at Cyberjaya | Weekend at Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuantan | CNY deco at Arabian Bay Resort, Gambang Resort

Short gateway at Bukit Gambang Resort City | Cute Rilakuma packaging | Nite dates with my lady at Alexis, Bangsar | Tiramisu at Alexis

Favourite place for dinner - dai pai dong aka hawker stall | Company media visit - CNY gift for all the media | Claypot curry fish head | Banana Leaf Rice | Ted & me | BF at work | Accompany bf for haircut | Instagram's newsfeed | My awesome BFF | Highest score in Line Pop #addicted | HUGE lobster | Beautiful parrots | Busy city - KL | Yummy tofu | Lunch - 3 dishes + soup | bf at Bukit Gambang Resort City

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  1. 这样的话

    1. 哈哈!!至少会有一篇啦!。不过,我答应自己要多更新了。

    2. 对对对,至少每个月一篇


    3. 哈哈!不会啦!不会啦!XD

  2. my dream place to visit here..


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