Europe Spring 2012 ♥ Amsterdam City

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I landed in Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport on 12th April, 7am. Most of us knew that Amsterdam is the largest city and capital of the Netherlands. They are famous with tulips,chesseeeeee and also.. pretty Dutch ladies. I gonna explore this beautiful and peaceful city the next 3 days.

I have heard a lot about Amsterdam, the environment, people, food and many more. I believe it was a good decision to travel to Amsterdam in Spring because we get the chance to witness the beauty of tulips and the weather was just right to explore this awesome city.

The weather was 4°C, thus I wrapped myself with thicker jacket. Amsterdam is a city where everyone loves to cycling and that's their main transportation. One of the reason I love Amsterdam is the people here, they are friendly and respect everyone. They will slow down the car when there are people crossing the road.

Cute mini smart car.

We get a cab to fetch us to our B&B after we got our big luggage with us, price at €25. We stayed in Art, Bed & Breakfast (ABB) which is an art gallery that offers B&B too. The distance between B&B and city centre is 25 minutes walk, we did enjoy enjoy walk although it seems like a "long journey". Since it was a peak period during spring thus most of the hotel or B&B nearby city centre was quite expensive and the rooms were selling fast. We were lucky to get room in ABB which not too far from the town actually, one of the attraction nearby our B&B is Heineken factory and museum but I didn't pay a visit because there are other attraction that attracted me. :)

It's the season for tulips, many stalls are selling tulips seed but I hardly see tulips in the city which I believe it is early of Spring and tulips has yet fully blossom.

Main train station in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's signature building.

I always love this type of outdoor setting especially in cold weather, where I can have a cup of hot chocolate or mocha and enjoy the chilling weather.

Another place to explore in Amsterdam is to visit the market. Many stalls were set up and you will definitely be spoilt by varieties of choices especially food, drink and not to forget, the famous cheese! 

This is the red light district which is also most happening night life here. I'm sure no elaboration about what to see or what is so famous here is needed. *wink* Anyway, this was really an eye-opening experience to me.

Red light district.

When I was doing research for Amsterdam trip, I stumbled upon few blogs that shared about this place where you will see a big wording of "I AMsterdam". To be honest, it is nothing special here but since we were here in Amsterdam, thus I wanna come and take some pictures. :)

The weather at night was extremely cold and I wrapped myself with layers of clothes and scarfs. I couldn't take any decent picture as the wind was really strong and I even hide myself behind the alphabet.

Heineken beer is a must when traveling Netherlands because it is origins from here. The taste and smoothness of the beer is totally different back from the usual one we always drink.

There are many restaurant at the city centre and we stumbled upon Pasta Bar because they served reasonable set meal.

Soup of the day (broccolli) - €3.50

Carbonara Pasta (with extra broccoli and bacon) - €8.95

Margherita Pizza (tomatoes & mozzarella) - €4.95
Hawaii Pizza - €7.95

Pasta Bar
Damrak 19, 1012LH Amsterdam
Tel: 020 626 1576

Amsterdam is a city that worth to visit, you will definitely love this place and wanna come back again. On our first day in Amstedam, we headed to a place which quite far from town after we placed our luggage at B&B. Stay tuned for lovely and amazing place that I gonna share in next travelogue (perhaps).

This is the place.

til then..

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  1. These photos are amazing. I. Especially love the last photo. So green and calm. Did you edit these photos to enhance or were they raw photos?

    1. Hi Sycookies,
      Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. The picture will looks amazing no matter what type of camera you are using..

      None of the pictures are edited here. The camera I'm using is Nikon d90. Actually I quite lazy to edit pic, so most of my pic in my blog is non-edit. Hope u enjoy my Europe travelogue.. :)

  2. Amsterdam真的很美!我很喜欢!

    1. 我从欧洲回来将近一年了,看回这些照片,也让我像似走多一遍Amsterdam。我也真得很喜欢这里,有机会肯定会再回来。

  3. Love the pics! We were to do a Netherlands trip last year but had to scrape it off last minute when the travel mates could not make it.

    1. Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. I would prefer travel in Spring where you have the chance to "witness" the beauty of tulips. :)


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