PINK Pop!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm not a person who fancy pink but it is a lovely and sweet colour which everyone will definitely like it. It seems like everything will turns into sweetie pie when it is in pink especially pastel pink.

Pink ribbon, pink colour theme party, pink macaron, or pastel pink theme room....

Pink necklace, pinky bear, pink bracelet and... a pink gadget!!!

The limited edition - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 PINK.
Both phone and stylus is in pink. So lovely.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has applied a lighter pink and it looks really feminine.

Most of my friends know I'm a Samsung Galaxy lover, I will keep an eye on the latest news and this time, I stumbled upon the limited edition pink Note 2. I always record my meetings, appointments, to-do list, important notes, documents and many more in my phone. Besides, I watch TVB drama from my phone too (only when my laptop if not with me). Thus, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fits my need. A bigger & super amoled screen, stylus pen is really useful and important to me. I don't mind to own a Note 2 although I'm not a fans of pink.

I always sketch on my note book / planner, and it is very bulky & heavy as I bring it whenever I go. With Note 2 Pink, I can sketch and draw in more stylish and feminine way. Hehee...

Ohya! Even my Facebook cover picture is the lovely pinky tulips I captured in Amsterdam last year.

For more info about Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink, visit & It is also available at most of the major outlets of Samsung, Mid Valley, The Gardens, KLCC, and One Utama. 

Let's GO PINK today!

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  1. walaoweihhhh too much pink for a guy like me to handle! just kidding! :P

    1. haahaha.. This is specially for girls :)


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