PLOY with your food @ Ploy, Damansara Heights

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't PLAY with your food! Oppps... It should be this way, don't PLOY with your food!!! I have heard about Ploy from my boss, she said this place has a nice and cozy ambiance. It suitable for private party or dining with your close friends.

Thanks to my lovely bf, he stumbled upon a blog post about Ploy and he suggested to bring me there. Ploy is located at Clearwater, Damansara Heights which is quite near to Help Uni / UOA Building. The surrounding was really quite at night as this is the only operated restaurant, at Clearwater.

Dinner for 2, we have dessert after that.

What's the black thingy?

This is it!!! The black rice! and it taste aweeeesooommme!!!

It explained what is Ploy all about in the menu. PLOY is all about modern Asian cuisine. It also means "gem" in Thai. Inspired by the true gems of Japanese and Thai cuisine, Ploy loves the interplay of sweet, sour, salty, spicy and umami flavours; They belive in meticulous preparation and are dedicated to using only the freshest ingredients. In true Asia style, they recommend you always order a variety of dishes and share them. By applying these basic tenents to their favourite foods - they think we will find dining at Ploy dazzling.

Here in Ploy, you will get to taste Japanese, Thai and western cuisine, all in one place.

It was December and many tables were booked. We were lucky to get a table without any reservation. Anyway, it would be better if you call and make reservation to avoid disappointment as they are close for private party sometimes.

Ain't you feel to have a private dinner with your bff and close friends at this cozy environment?

Clippings were framed and hanging on the wall.

Complimentary water & Iced Latter - RM10

Ploy's Black Fried Rice - RM26.50

The portion was surprisingly small and not filling. :( Anyway, it taste really good and the rice was sticky after mixing the black fried rice with raw egg.

We finished it in a mere moment.
p/s: All the photos in this blog post was taken by Samsung Galaxy S3, the outcome was great. Don't you agree? :)

Crispy Japanese Kare Rice - RM20

This was originally introduced to Japan by the British when India was a colony, it is now a beloved Japanese national dish. Ploy says:"If Ploy were a country, this would be our national dish too!" The appearance doesn't look tempting but the chicken curry roux doused on crispy rice was just nice.

"Can we start eating?" This must be in his mind while I busy with photo taking.

Truffled Hamachi - RM55

It was a fresh hamachi sashimi drizzed in yuzu truffle sauce. This was the most expensive sashimi we ever have! We never knew that it was only 5 slices at RM55. I think, it was the "truffle" sauce which cost this much.

After the "3-course" meal, bf suggested (yes, he suggested again) to order dessert.

Red Rubbies - RM8.50

Chocolate Fondant - RM8.50

I remembered this was the best selling or signature dessert from Ploy. We have to wait 20 minutes for this awesome chocolate fondant. The muffin came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream which create a great combination with the hot chocolate.

The night was great as it was ended with great food and great companion.

G-2, Work @ ClearWater
Damansara Heights, KL
03-2095 0999

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  1. That's probably the prettiest red ruby I have ever seen.

  2. I had been considering replacing my milk with soy milk.. degradable carrier bags . Are there any soy milk brands out there that are better than others? What's your take on rice milk?


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