Be inspi-RED!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Although red colour is not my favourite colour but it always easily grab my attention because the colour is really striking and attractive. Red can be beautiful, sexy, charming.... you name it. Thus, something had grabbed my attention when I visited Samsung store. It is the limited edition Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in red ruby wine. 

After the launch of PINK Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it is now available in ruby wine. This is definitely a good news to all the red colour lovers. I personally think that red brings confident as well, wearing a pair of red high heels & red dress + red lips, it will definitely boost up your confident. Since I couldn't caring well with red dress & red lips, maybe Samsung Note 2 ruby wine could help me with this. :) Time to add another red gadget to my list?


Check out the limited edition ruby wine Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at nearer store. Follow Samsung Malaysia FB page and Twitter page for more into & latest news.

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