Be Ready! For the Next Galaxy

Monday, April 22, 2013

Besides the hot topics about election, another topic that worth to share is about the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4. Since they are doing really a great job on Galaxy S3, I'm now really looking forward to the S4.

The tagline for Galaxy S4 is Life Companion. Stay tuned for the official launch for more info or how the Galaxy S4 might be the major part for being your life companion.

If you were walking around major shopping mall on last weekend, you might bumped into this group of talented people who having a mini orchestra for the upcoming launch of Galaxy S4. It was first started with few beautiful melody by these group of violist...

Followed by 4 guys and girls who have a beautiful voice and their singing was really great!! They are singing a Galaxy S4 song. Wanna know how awesome are they? Here are few videos recorded by me, ENJOY ya! 

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