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Monday, April 29, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally here!! The official launch was on last Saturday, 27th April 2013. We have heard so much about Samsung Galaxy S4 before the launch, and I believe everyone can't wait for it. 

Here's are some beautiful pictures taken from Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook page during the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4. Before the official launch at Lowyat, there was Samsung Galaxy S4 truck which going around the major shopping mall - Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid etc for the preview of the official launch where there were great performance by these awesome people.

Before the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, I have already check out the specs and what is the new integrated apps & software. Although the outlook of the S4 is quite similar to S4, but I'm amazed with the new intergrated apps. Here are my top 3 favourite that catch my eyes which really worth to share with you.

One of the cool integrated function will be everyone's favourite - Dual Shot. Not to worry if you're the one who holding the camera because you will be appeared in the picture too! Awesome isn't it!!! :) 


Another great function is the S Health where the tagline - achieve more for your health. Now, we can stay fit and in style with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The best function of S Health is it will track our workouts, daily intake, and weight levels. In short, it will monitor our health progress. It will motivate to do more workout with this awesome integration.

 S Health

 S Health

I don't need a specific album in my laptop to store all my pictures now because S4 has an album for every occasion where our photos will be organized and albums can be created based on the way we want. Besides, the coolest function is there are various layouts and themes to choose from. Be creative!

To be honest, Samsung Galaxy series has never failed to surprise me. From Samsung Galaxy S1 to S4, Samsung always did the best to give the consumers a even better experience. To be frank, I'm a Galaxy S1 & S3 user and bf was S2 user, Samsung has really did an awesome job and thus I look forward the S4. Although the outlook of S4 is quite similar to S3, S4 still have the own style and design. The side design is different from S4 and it looks more elegant.

Colourful casing for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Your Life Companion.

Check out Samsung Galaxy S4 at nearer store. Follow Samsung Malaysia FB page and Twitter page for more into & latest news.

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