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Sunday, June 30, 2013

After a lengthy hiatus, I have more travelogue to share with my friends and readers. Take a break from Europe trip and this year, my travel plan is to visit Asia country - Hong Kong and Taiwan is in my list. Guess what? I have made it to Hong Kong with family during Chinese New Year and I went to Taiwan this Spring with my ex-colleagues. 

Spring has sprung. 
We traveled to Taiwan for 9 days 8 nights in April 2013.
This time around, I'm flying to Taiwan without knowing any info or places we are traveling because most of my travel mates have been to Taiwan previously and it would be a great choice to let them decide on the itinerary. Basically, our trip was focusing on Taipei and Tai Chung which is the north & central of Taiwan.

As usual, I will share my itinerary and sneak peek before I start to share more in next post. Let our pictures do the talking (I will add some brief description as well).

*Currency - 100TWD ($100) = RM10
*p/s: some of the translation was translated by myself.

Day 1: Taipei - Feng Jia (逢甲) + night market

Day 2: Feng Jia (逢甲) - Rainbow Village @ Tai Chung (彩虹眷村, 台中) -  Nantou Winery (南投酒厂) - Alishan (阿里山) 

Day 3: Alishan (阿里山) - Fenchihu (奋起湖) - Chung-She flower market (中社观光花市) -  Long Teng Broken Bridge & Sheng Xin Train Station at Miaoli (龙腾断桥和勝興車站@苗栗)

Day 4: Sanyi Woodcarving Museum (三义木雕博物馆) - Sanyi Street (三义木雕街) - Sanyi Duck Treasure Shop (三义丫箱宝) - Hakka Museum (客家博物苑)

Day 5:  Wineland Resort (大湖草莓酒莊文化館) - Lunch at Grass Jelly Restaurant (仙山仙草) - Hakaliki 八卦力部落 - Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) - Xi Men Ding (西门町)

Day 6:  Jiu Fen (九份) - Xi Men Ding (西門町) - Wu Fen Pu (五分浦)

Day 7:  Breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk (阜杭豆漿) - Miniature Museum of Taiwan (袖珍博物館) - TamShui (淡水) - Xi Men Ding (西門町)

Day 8 :  Taipei 101 - Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (星光三越) -  Shi Da Night Market (師大夜市) - Bazaar at Red House Xi Men (西門紅樓創意市集) - Xi Men Ding (西門町)

Day 9 :  Xi Men Ding (西門町) - TaoYuan Airport

After landed at TaoYuan International Airport (臺灣桃園國際機場), we applied for Taiwan Youth card where we will be entitled discount for scenic spot ticket, transport fee, accommodation fee, delicacy expense and shopping. The purpose of the youth card is to encourages youth to experience Taiwanese cultures and provokes the trend of learning while traveling. This card is qualify for youth age 15 - 30. The application is FREE, remember to look for the counter in the airport after you come out from the arrival hall.

How about phone data plan? I purchased unlimited data for 7 days at $450. The speed is average (better than M'sia, to be honest) and is good to take this plan because it was the cheapest.

 Although we can read Chinese, but the translation for each transportation is different. Thus, we have to understand each term they used in Chinese for taxi, shuttle bus, bus station, train etc. Don't confuse.

After we landed at airport, we were looking for transportation to go to Feng Jia (逢甲) at Tai Chung (台中)which will take one hour journey.  We will spend 2 days 1 night at Feng Jia.

How to go to Feng Jia from Taoyuan Airport?
  1. From Taoyuan airport, take bus to Taoyuan Train Station (桃园高铁站) - 15 minutes journey. Price at $30 per person.
  2. From Taoyuan Train Station, take train to Tai Chung Station - 40 minutes journey.
    Price at $97 (after 10% discount by using the youth card) per person.
  3. From Tai Chung Station, we took a cab to Feng Jia. Price at $320 for 5 person.

One of my favourite hang out place would be the 7-11.
Seven-Eleven in Taiwan is selling all kinds of Taiwanese foods and most of them are served in hot.

Assorted of coffee at reasonable price - $30 for each bottle.
I tried both latte and mocha, taste good. :)

The bnb we stayed in Feng Jia was decorated with cute stickers and dolls.

There are so many plush toys.

Feng Jia Night Market which is one of the famous night market in Taiwan.
Stuffs are selling cheaper here compare to other places.

米血糕 #1

米血糕 #2
It taste good and not as disgusting as its name.

Stinky tofu.

Sweet & sour soup, it doesn't taste as good as I thought.

粉圆 drink.

One of the famous "bear" burger where the bread is the shape of the bear's paw. You can have this in Malaysia now.

Bear's burger in preparation.

The bear's paw bread was too cute, couldn't resist to give it a try. It actually taste like chicken burger.


We hired a driver to bring us around starting from the second day until the day we back to Taipei as the places we are going to visit are outskirts.

Rainbow Village @ Tai Chung (彩虹眷村) have many beautiful graphics. It is really worth to pay a visit because every single wall was well-painted with creative graphics.

Our driver was a woman, she's a very friendly person and keep on recommend nice foods to us. This mochi is one of the famous one at Bishan Road (碧山). We bought 2 boxes with 4 different flavours, price at $120 per box.

I ate so much mochi during the whole journey. We hardly find yummy mochi in any where, it taste super yummy right after they packed in the box because the mua chee was fresh and cold.

Wine tasting at Nantou Winery (南投酒厂)

Wine tasting $50 per glass and we are allowed to bring back the glass.

Taiwanese Delicacies that you shouldn't miss out.

For the food above, it cost $260 only for 5 person. CHEAP!!

Taiwan Mochi Museum #1
Free entrance.

Taiwan Mochi Museum #2

Taiwan Mochi Museum #3

We were heading to the famous Alishan after visiting mochi museum. It was a 3 hours journey but we took a break at one of the famous bridge where you will definitely pass by if you're on the way to Alishan, name Everlasting Bridge (天长地久桥). *The name of "Everlasting bridge" was direct translated from Chinese*. The weather was  getting cold.....

The weather at Alishan was 10 degree Celsius only but I couldn't tahan as it was freaking cold. The host of the B&B was kind enough to borrow thick jacket to us because we didn't know that Alishan will be that cold.


Sunrise at Alishan.

Beautiful sakura @ Alishan.

Breathtaking view. #Alishan.

Can you spot the L.O.V.E?

Fenchihu (奋起湖) - an authentic and beautiful old town which famous with bento (便当).

Fenchihu (奋起湖) #2

Fenchihu (奋起湖) #3

Fenchihu (奋起湖) #4

Turkey Rice for lunch (火腿肉饭) at 大嘉义得火鸡肉饭店

Chung-She flower market (中社观光花市) #1

Chung-She flower market (中社观光花市) #2

Chung-She flower market (中社观光花市) #3

Sanyi Street (三义木雕街)
A beautiful small town which worth to explore. :)

Hakka Food at Hakka Village

Authentic and cosy B&B - 福田瓦舍农场 #1

福田瓦舍农场 #2

福田瓦舍农场 #3
Collecting stamp is one of the must do activity when traveling to Taiwan.

Noodles feast at 赖新魁面馆(六十年老字号).
They are famous with Hakka noodles, different pricing for each side dishes.

.. at Wineland Resort (大湖草莓酒莊文化館) #1

Wineland Resort (大湖草莓酒莊文化館) #2

Wineland Resort (大湖草莓酒莊文化館) #3

Wineland Resort (大湖草莓酒莊文化館) #4

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #1
This is another place that I really like, everyone is so friendly and the best part is, most of them can speak fluently in Cantonese too. We spent 2 and half hours here although this place is very small because it is worth to visit from shops to shops. Not-to-forget the small post office too.

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #2

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #3

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #4

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #5

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #6

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #7

Osmanthus Alley (桂花巷) #8

After Osmanthus Alley, we were heading back to Taipei.
I will share the sneak peek of Taipei in next post. :)


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  1. What's the name of the telco service that you used? I'm going during early winter later this year, so not sure if I can visit Alishan or get to see those flowers blooming :s so pretty!

    1. I don't remember what's the name of the telco already. But I go for cheaper one. Don't worry about the connection, it is all good so far although some of the places I went was outskirt.

      Winter, will be quite cold. Remember to bring more clothes if you plan to visit Alishan ya.

  2. Thanks for sharing your travel itinerary. It's really helpful for a banana like me. I plan to go again but the problem is most are in Chinese so its kinda hard for me to do a planning. I might will sending you email if I have any doubts. =P

    1. You're welcome dear. :)

      Some of the places don't have any English name, thus I come out with my own. At first, I just wanna show the Chinese name but since my post is in English, I should as well write the English name. Hope it helps to all the "banana" out there. haha..

      Don't worry. Drop me an email at anytime.

    2. Hi Yvonne.. Are you taking High Speed Rail from Taoyuan to Taichung? Cause if yes, I am wondering how come I see online price is like NTD380? Somemore, it was after 35% discount for early bird.

    3. Hi Diana,
      Yes, I think is high speed rail. We bought at the counter when we arrived and got the discount by showing the youth card. I'm not sure about the price that you'd mentioned. Sorry, can't help. Maybe you can try to write to them to clarify on this?

  3. 很详细的咨询,好期待你接下来的游记!我要!呵呵! 

    1. 其实那个彩虹眷村很小而已,可是我们可以在那儿花了整个小时。哈哈!!!

  4. 彩虹眷村好美

    1. 谢谢我的同伴,让这趟行程都很不错。可惜,我们花很多时间在车上。尤其是在台中那几天。因为我们去的地方都不靠近。


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