Europe Spring 2012: Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

Friday, July 19, 2013

12th April 2012
Zaanse Schans - one of Holland's top tourist destination which I truly agree with..
Thank God for the beautiful weather when we arrived Amsterdam early in the morning, 7am local time. After we placed our luggage at the B&B, we headed to Zaanse Schans without wasting any time. This village is so beautiful and the nature is amazingly awesome!!!!!!!! At here, we can visit the famous windmills - which is the MUST when you travel to Amsterdam. 

There is also cheese making and shops selling all types of cheesieeee, they are offering cheese for free tasting too. The taste of the cheese is totally different from the one I tried in M'sia. Furthermore, they are also selling a type of waffle biscuit which taste really good too & sweet.. Apart from the windmills & cheese, a mini museum about clog and the making is worth to visit too. They are selling different types of beautiful & colourful clogs. This place is heavenly beautiful, not to miss out this place when you travel to Amsterdam. It is definitely worth it. For your info, Zaanse Schans is open daily throughout the year without any entrance fee and the fee is only apply when you visit the windmills where we can know how's the windmills work, what is inside the windmills etc.

We took train to Zaanse Schans from the city which cost around 6.30 euro per person for return ticket. 10 - 15 mins walk is needed to reach this beautiful place after arrived. We passed by residential area, big road without any cars on the street... every scene was captured by my camera as my eyes can see.


Cottage house with a beautiful garden.

The cute bunny - Miffy.

Miffy is one of the famous character from Netherland which drawn by Dutch artist, Dick Bruna.

There are currently 6 windmills in Zaanse Schans. It is not necessary to enter into every windmills because it looks similar.

Cheese Farm - Catharina Hoeve.

This is the place where they will demonstrate how's the cheese is made.

Dutch Lady

Beautiful paintings for sell.

Souvenir shop

Giganic clog

Mini clog museum which provides information about history of the clogs, the making, different types of clog, creative designs on the clog and many more.

These are for sell.

Words can't describe how beautiful and awesome of this place, and I couldn't stop myself from pressing the shutter. Spring is basically about the beauty of the nature. Zaanse Schans - the enchanting village.

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  1. This is so heavenly beautiful! Spring is really a good season to travel to Europe! A big big LOVE for this post!

    1. Spring is definitely a good season to visit Europe countries because flowers are just blossom. In next Europe travelogues, I will share more beautiful pictures. :)

  2. Been there during my honeymoon but follow local trip, it is kinda of rush, especially we covered this place and Keukenhof before and after our lunch, not enough time to enjoy to the max

    1. That's really rush that you couldn't fully enjoy. Next time try to plan your own trip. Is fun though. :)

  3. Hi Yvonne,
    did you pay for the entrance fee? from my research, some place in zaanse schans we need to pay the admission fee..

    thanks! :)

    1. Hi Ayu,
      Nope. To enter zaanse schans, you don't need to pay any fees. and I didn't pay for anything there. I'm not sure about the museum, it might need to pay for entrance fee. :) Get the correct info from their website ya.. :)


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