Guest Post: Ramandan Buffet at Mines Wellness Hotel, Seri Kembangan

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest post, by John Frois

Do you all have a rumbling tummy after a full day of fasting? Of course you do! And I just know exactly where to ‘buka puasa’.

For those of you who love curry and Malaysian cuisine, Mines Wellness Hotel is truly the best place to be. They serve various types of local cuisine including rendang, lemang, fried food, and even more rendang. I personally love the atmosphere of the place because it really complements with the food.

LO AND BEHOLD, food in all its gloreh!

Curry squid, rendang, lemang, fried chicken.

Wide selections of condiments at the noodle counter

 Murtabak, which is meat-stuffed flatbread

I’m getting hungry again from just looking at this! The meat tastes juicy and awesome!!!

Yes, it’s awesome’sausage’ness on the plate, with my bread – Roti John! Eat me.

After a hearty meal, I indulged myself with few bowls of cendol.

The drinks selection is WIDE! Bandung (syrup+milk mixture), soy milk, iced lemon tea, iced peach tea and more, these trustworthy sidekicks will definitely not fail in rehydrating you after a hearty (and heaty) meal. I drank 4 cups of bandung and 1 ½ cups of soy milk :P

Well that’s all from me this time. Before I sign off, here’s a BEAUTIFUL picture that I managed to catch after dining at Mines Wellness Hotel. Salam Ramadan & Selamat Membuka Puasa to all our Muslim counterparts out there. Adios muchachos!


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