The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How much do we know about hybrid? Did you know that in a Honda Hybrid, the engine is assisted by an electric motor to produce power? Do you know what is The Honda Formula E? Do you know that a Honda Hybrid car helps to save the nature?

Thanks to Honda that I was given a chance to own a Honda Hybrid CRZ (manual) for 3 days 2 nights to test the power of Honda Hybrid car. Furthermore, I'm joining The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip at Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca.

 This is the Honda Hybrid I received from Honda Malaysia - CRZ (manual) in purple colour.

On Saturday morning, we start our journey to Malacca with Honda Hybrid CRZ and it was a great journey because the car wasn't bouncy during the long drive. There are 3 driving mode which is Econ, Manual and Sports; Besides that, there are S+ power button which I like the most. It helps to boast up the power of the car and the speed with be faster. For the ECON mode makes fuel efficiency the priority and maximizes the full potential of Honda's Hybrid Technology.

This is the Advance Sports Meter cluster with Ambient Meter provides information like motor assist/battery charge, instantaneous fuel economy, energy flow and remaining fuel based on driving pattern.

 It has ample space for seating and the semi-leather seats which give it a sporty edge.

The CR-Z is designed to rev up enjoyment; it efficiently saves fuel while lowering carbon emissions. It gives power and performance without compromising your driving pleasure. 

The revolutionary Honda 1.5L i-VTEC engine combined with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) gives the CR-Z a gutsy motion for instant enjoyment. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) allows the driver to swiftly shift through seven simulated gears. The CR-Z also comes in a 6-speed manual transmission for a sporty drive like no other hybrids.

The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013 was held at Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca. This was the first place that we going to discover when we arrived. We were greeted by the friendly Honda staff and they brought us around, showing us on how's the Honda Hybrid works.

There was a big chart board after the entrance where there were 3 zone to discover - Zone 1: Discover, Zone 2, Inspiration and Zone 3: Ignite where staff will giving more explanation if you're interested in Honda Hybrid Cars.

The Honda's green auto technology milestones.
Can you believe that Honda has actually start on this green technology since 1972?

 Let's explore the first zone: Discover.

The Power of Two
The i-VTEC engine is assisted by an electric motor to produce impressive power just like how you and your friend have to work together to generate power and speed with the Tandem bicycle. Hop on and give it a try.

 The Honda Formula E
Rev up for the Honda Formula E. Race on with a Honda Hybrid to achieve a perfect balance between excellent fuel efficiency and performance.

After having fun at discover zone, let's hope to zone 2: Inspire. There were 6 Honda Hybrids car displayed here where you can check out the exterior and interior of the car. Jazz, CR-Z, Insights and Civic were all available during the road show.

Hot FM and One Fm is one of the official radio media. 
DJs and singers were invited to liven up the event.

There were many booths selling some eco friendly products.

 This was one of the booth that I really like. They are selling eco friendly stationary and the sales person told me that their paper bag is actually made from STONE. Yes, made from stone which means 100% tree-free. Amazing right?

Honda merchandize is able to get it during the road trip too.

 Cute and beautiful clothes selling by Honda.

There was a corner for book donation which really helps the needed one.

 A fun corner for children.

 Handmade bag and beautiful plants for sell.

All the Honda Hybrid cars are well-parked at the open field of Dataran Pahlawan.

They are here to help you for the test drive.
The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip wasn't complete without touring around Malacca city. So, we hop on our Honda Hybrid Car and went to Jonker Street. The heritage at Malacca is well preserved, same goes with Honda Hybrid car which helps to save the nature. Let's explore....

This is the famous 3 inch bound feet shoe which is well kept until today! This shop is located at the Jonker Street which you will easily found. There are still orders from the customers as a gift for family and friends. They are also received a certificate of appreciation in recognition of outstanding support of the Malacca Heritage day 2001.

Malacca is doing their part in maintaining and preserving their heritage. Honda in the other hand, is also doing their part by preserving nature through the Hybrid cars. How about you?

 Thanks to Honda for the amazing experience.

Honda is having this Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013 at Johor Bahru this weekend. Check out the poster below to know where's their next station.

Let's discover the great of Honda Hybrid together. Check out this link on how you can get a 3 days 2 nights with Honda Hybrid. I have tried the power of Honda Hybrid car, and now is your turn.

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