Blessed Mid Autumn Festival | Garage 51 by Coffee Société

Friday, September 20, 2013

Have a blessed mid autumn festival!!!! It's 15th August in lunar calendar. Most of the Chinese will celebrate this day with family and friends; Mooncake, tanglung and candles cannot be missed in this meaningful day. It is one of my favourite festival and it reminds the wonderful moment I have with my sister when I was a kid. We used to play the paper tanglung which comes with colouful colours and light up the candles and placed at every corner of the garage & front gates. 

It has been few years I didn't go back to celebrate mid autumn with family because it was on weekdays. Anyway, I still enjoy my "me-time" at Garage 51 by Coffee Société. I'm having a terrible toothache since last Sunday but I ignore it because I thought it was lack of sleep that causing the pain (it used to happen to me). Unfortunately, the pain was killing me starting yesterday morning until today. Thus I went for dentist and there were 2 options given by the doctor - to extract the tooth or do a mini operation cost RM700+!!!! I requested for medication instead and doctor gave me pain killer and 2 types of antibiotics.

I went to Garage 51 by Coffee Société after that.

Cafe latte and bagel sandwich.
I regretted for ordering the sandwich because my tooth was really pain and I took 2 hours to finish it!!!! You can imagine how pain was my tooth. I can't even chew the bread, I swallow. LOL!!!  Anyway, the bagel sandwich was really nice, there were fresh salmon, avocado, tomato and cheese. For the latte, it taste just nice. No sugar was added.

Although it was my "me-time", I'm happy to meet one of the barista name Jun and we have a short chit-chat session when the cafe wasn't too crowded..

 I was drawing on my tablet while eating... LIKE A KID huh? :D
Since today is mid autumn festival, thus I thought of drawing something simple and cute. Check out my sketch at the end of this post. :)

 1 hour.... 2 hours... to.. finish.... it.... *PAIN*
 Ohya, Garage 51 is another cafe by Coffee Société. It is a Melbourne inspired cafe, thus there is a huge graffiti art on the wall.

Garage 51
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway.
 Mooncake from Tai Thong and Casahana. Jade Custard mooncake is my all-time favourite. It would be great with double egg yolk. :)

This is the simple sketches from me to all of you here.
Have a great night and blessed mid autumn.

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