Europe Spring 2012: Keukenhof, Netherlands

Monday, September 09, 2013

13th April 2012

Keukenhof known as the Garden of Europe and it is also one of the world's largest flower garden which open to public in spring. How could you miss this awesome opportunity when you travel to Amsterdam? This is the only chance to witness the beauty of the tulips and smell the aromatic of the flowers, it definitely a unique and unforgettable experience.

There is a theme every year and it represent by a country. Poland was the country been selected to be the theme of year 2012. There are more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths fill over 32 hectars with colour and fragrance.Besides the astonishing flower garden, there will be other activities such as flower parade, boat riding, flower market, playground and many more. Furthermore, there were Dutch women wearing the traditional Dutch costumes. No worries about food as there are restaurant and food stall setting up at different corner. 

There is an entrance fee cost €15,00 per person (adult) which is the latest info that I got it from Keukenhof website. Anyway, the price that I bought was €21 which included bus from & back to Schiphol. I would suggest to buy that entrance ticket and bus ticket together on website for less hassle.

Another great news that I found from their website was there are free wifi inside!!!! Awesome right? You may upload the awesome pictures to all the social media site. It's great to know that they are doing better and provide convenience to all the visitors. 

How to go to Keukenhof from Amsterdam city?
From Schiphol Airport
The bus 58 runs on Monday until Friday 4 times an hour and in weekends even 8 times an hour and leaves Schiphol from platform B1/B3 at the Schiphol Plaza bus station. The journey to Kuekenhof takes 35 minutes. The last bus back to Schiphol leaves at 19.22. *Please google for clearer info because this info was based on the note I recorded in year 2012. Go early to avoid long Q.

It took almost half a day to tour the flower garden and we skipped some of the area because Keukenhof is really big. Words couldn't describe how beautiful is the flower garden. So here are tons of photos to share with you. Enjoy!

The Keukenhof theme 2014 is HOLLAND!!!! It's their own country! Hmmm.... will there be something different or surprises compare to the previous year? Time to grad a flight ticket and visit Keukenhof. I'm sure you will never regret to be there.

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  1. Amsterdam is really a beautiful country right??
    I've never been there yet, only managed to step on its airport for few hours before flying to Spain, hehe~

    1. Yes dear. Amsterdam is really a beautiful country. Would love to visit again in the future :)


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