Krabi 2013: Ao Nang

Friday, September 20, 2013

Here's the second post of my trip to Krabi after the Island Hoping post. Ao Nang means Princess Bay, it is one of the busiest and famous beach in Krabi and most of the traveler (including me) will choose to stay at here. The Krabi airport is about 40 minutes away by car.

Ao Nang, Krabi is an ideal place to have a relaxation trip because it is a small beach town and not as crowded as Phuket. Besides that, we can easily explore the little town by foot and it takes half a day only. Anyway, there are tuk-tuk if you need them. Tuk-tuk at Krabi is different compared to the one in Bangkok or Phuket.

There are many seafood and western restaurant & bar along the beach, fast food like Burger King & Mc Donald's, and Starbucks can be easily found in the town. There are many mobile stalls selling street foods too but the choices is limited. If you would like to explore and try the street foods, Krabi town would be the best choice because there is a night market on every weekend (Fri - Sun). It is 30 minutes drive from Ao Nang, we get a tuk-tuk priced at 700 baht for both way. I will share the night market in separate post.

It was a sunny and windy day. Definitely a good day to relax by the beach while enjoying our drinks and light meal. There are many restaurant by the beach but most of them start the business in evening.

Mojito. It was really chilling!!! I enjoy every single moment at there.. :)

 Nice place with good company.

At Ao Nang town.


Street food on a mobile stall.
The street food cost around RM4 - RM6 depends on what you've ordered. For a plate of pad thai, it cost around RM5.

Besides Mc D, there is also a burger king along Ao Nang main street.
Starbucks is at the same row with Mc D.

Beautiful restaurant that served western and seafood.

The price is very expensive thus we didn't give it a try on any of this restaurant.

Finally, we made our decision to settle our dinner at this restaurant that offer outdoor seats, there are only 2 or 3 tables inside the shop. Most of the guest will prefer outdoor seats.

The price of the food is not cheap although this shop is not as beautiful as other seafood restaurant but there have more customer compared to others. That's why we decided to give it a try.

Varieties of food you can choose from the menu.

Anyway, it was a disappointed dinner. Non of the food taste good and it was quite expensive!

I'm enjoying a bottle of coke after the dissatisfaction dinner. The coke was tastier than the food. :p

 After the dinner, we will walked along the main street again. There are nothing much to shop at Ao Nang, mostly are souvenir, swimsuits, t-shirt, bags and many more.

There are many tattoo shops at here too. I didn't check the price as I'm not interested.

This is not a tuk-tuk. It is a "bus" that can fetch up to 10 people.

There are pubs / bar along these street and that's the only activities you can do at night. We didn't visit any pub, we walked along this street again and just enjoyed the chilling weather, bought some snacks from the convenient shop and sat by the beach.

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