Krabi 2013: Street food at night market, Krabi town

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here's the last post of my Krabi travelogue. There's nothing much to explore in Krabi town if compared to Ao Nang, thus we only spent a few hours in exploring the street food at the night market, available on every Fri - Sun.

A glance at the main street in Krabi town.

When you see the statues on the traffic light, means you're in the town. It is one of the trademark.

We reached the night market after half an hour. The crowds weren't really busy because the weather was bad, it started raining after 10 minutes walks in the market. It was quite upset because we can't really have an enjoyable night to taste the food, visit the stalls - art, accessories, clothes and many more.

This picture was taken before the rain.

Kids were playing instruments at the middle of the road to get some income.

Mini roll filled with assorted filling, such as yam paste, pandan paste, sausage and it sell at 20 baht for 6 pieces.

The famous fried ice cream located right beside the mini roll, there are varieties of flavours, condiments and toppings at your own selections.

The action of fying the ice-cream, thus the name "fried ice cream". Basically, they will pour the milk on the pan, follow by the fruits (flavours) that you chosen, and start "frying" the ice cream until the the ice-cream is frozen.

I have blueberry flavour without extra toppings, it taste really good. But be sure to finish it soon, else it get melted very fast. Sorry that I have forgotten the price but it wasn't cheap. Anyway, give it a try.

Pick your favourite seafood and they will prepare for you immediately.

Wide selections of sushi.

Mini pineapple, taste really sweet! *must buy & try*

Ice-cream sticks.

Local delicacies.

....and Thailand coconut.

That's all for the night market post. It was really hard to get a decent picture because was raining cats and dogs. Krabi is a beautiful place to go for a relaxation holiday.

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  1. Mini pineapple looks cute!

    Eh where is your bangkok travelogue? xD

    1. Yeah!! The pineapple is very cute and really juicy, and sweet!!! :p

      After krabi then continue with my bangkok travelogue. hhehehe :D


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