Hello again...

Saturday, May 02, 2015

after being hiatus from the blog for more than one year.

Many friends were asking what's the reason?
The reason that I've been stop blogging after 7+ years.

In year 2013, I changed job and gotta move to Melaka. 
Yes, from KL to Melaka. and many were surprised that I'll move out from KL.
Me either.

That's the time that I realized I should built my career to another level. 
Thus, I work really hard to fight for betterment. 

and since then, 
I stop sharing on my blog.

After 1 and half year in Melaka,
I'm coming back to KL for good.

back to my own little space here. 

till then. :)

- pic was taken at POKC café, Uptown Damansara -

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