Half Day Trip to Tanjung Sepat, Selangor

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I was supposed to travel to Bangkok on early May. Sadly, my friend ffk me last minute. But…. Good news was I received an email from Air Asia that my flight has been rescheduled, thus I could choose to change to another date or refund. Without any hesitation, I choose FULL REDUND!!! YAY!!!! 

Anyway, since I can’t make it to Bangkok, I decided to go for a half day road trip to Tanjung Sepat. Tanjung Sepat is a small town which located at Kuala Langat district in Selangor, 1 hour away from KLIA. There is a fishing village and also beach.

Time to unwind by the beach!

Beautiful Sunday.

It was time for lunch when we reached Tanjung Sepat. Thus, we headed to look for restaurant which located by the beach. There are so many restaurant that served seafood, bak kut teh (Chinese Herbal Broth with Pork Ribs), and more.

I was looking for Restoran YiKee Seafood Bak Kut Teh (裕记海鲜肉骨茶) that served really good bak kut teh (based on my quick research), but failed. So we decided to visit other restaurant and we came across this - Kedai Makanan Ah Peng (阿萍海鲜焖煮炒).

Surprisingly, their dishes taste really good and there are few signature dishes that you should try. 

It might be hard to see the shop of Kedai Makanan Ah Peng (阿萍海鲜焖煮炒), thus, when you the above restaurant, Kedai Makanan Ah Peng is just right opposite. 

x x x

So, what did we order?

We were looking around and have a look at the dishes ordered by others before we were seated. There is a claypot on each table and we were wondering what that is! NO, is not bak kut teh nor the claypot chicken rice. It is actually Yong Tau Foo served with soup in the claypot, so special right.

Yong Tau Foo is a Hakka Chinese food consisting primarily of tofu that has been filled with either a ground meat mixture or fish paste. Variation of this food include vegetables and mushrooms stuff with ground meat or surimi. (info from wiki)

What is in the claypot? 

Tofu, ladyfingers, green chilies, bitter gourd, pickle, ginger, fish ball and many more.  All these were homemade and taste really delicious! MUST order when you visit this restaurant.

Next is a simple dish – potato leaves vegetables.

Another dish that you should order is this stir-fried lala (clams). The portion looks big but you can finish everything in a mere minutes.

Size of the clam is really small!!

ta~ da~ Dishes for 2 persons.
Ohya! You can choose to enjoy the dishes either with white rice or yam rice. 

We were really satisfied with the foods.

阿萍海鲜焖煮炒 (click on the name to access to their Facebook page)
Address: 72B, Jalan Tanjung Sepat 42800 Kampung Tanjung Sepat Darat, Selangor.
Phone number: 016-227 2326
Opening hours: Mon - Wed: 07:00 - 13:00  |  Fri: 07:00 - 13:00  |  Sat - Sun: 07:00 - 13:30

After lunch, we walked to the beach.
The restaurant is located near to the beach, less than 1 minute walk and you can enjoy the windy good view.

Uncle(s) were resting under this tent.
The weather was really windy and it doesn't feel hot at all.

Do you know there is a lover bridge at Tanjung Sepat?
The lover bridge located only a mere minutes from where we were.
Let's check it out.

The Lover Bridge.
(Don't literally expect it is a beautiful bridge because of its name)

We were walking on the bridge and rest for awhile before we depart to next stop in Tanjung Sepat.
We are going to look for food again!!!

The bridge was broken and thus, we cannot walk further.

A panoramic of the beach.

Blue sky and errrrrmmm... brown sea water.

Hmmmm.. they should clean up this instead of just throwing it here.

Beautiful setup by one of the souvenir shop.

If you have watch one of the Hong Kong TVB drama series before, you will definitely know what is this all about. This is the salted fish pao. Out of curiosity, I'm wondering how it taste thus I bought one piece.

The salted fish pao.
It actually taste good! Even though I don't really like to eat salted fish, the overall taste is still acceptable.

Tapi.... quite pricey though. 
RM3.50 per piece.

Next stop! The famous pao from Hai Yew Heng.
This is one of the hot spot that tourist will definitely stop-by in Tanjung Sepat, I saw many customers came out from this shop with few bags of pau.

Hai Yew Heng
  405, Jalan Pasar,  42800 Tg. Sepat,   Kuala Langat, Selangor.
  Tel: +6012-272 9009 / +603-3197 4144

Right opposite the pau shop is the coffee shop (same business name) and you can enjoy a cup of their authentic coffee after bought the pau.

They said, please check the logo of Hai Yew Heng printed on a paper which you can find at the bottom of their buns to ensure this is the quality buns made by them. *Beware of counterfeit*

This is the Hai Yew Heng logo.

Iced Coffee + Pau

Mui Choy Pau
This is one of their signature bun with the preserved vegetables.

Hmmm.... I don't really like it

Next is bun with pork and hard boiled eggs.
Both of the buns cost around RM2.50 per piece, quite expensive though.

The shop owner recommend these fish balls to us too.

After the lim kopi and makan pau session, you can walk over to this shop which selling coffee powder.

Here they show how to roast the coffee beans.

So, that's all for my half day trip to Tanjung Sepat.

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  1. All of these places you visited above are within walking distance or have to drive ?

    1. Hi,
      We drove. It would be better to have a car to tour around this area as some of the places are quite a distance away.


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