Nyonya Memoirs - A Live Environmental Theatre Production @ Melaka

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This is my first experience watching a theatre show!!! But this is not the ordinary theatre show that you watch in KLPAC, yet this is much more exciting that you thought. You will be entering the time capsule of wonderment, untouched by modernity and filled with all the good treasure back in 1920’s. At here, you will experience life as a Baba Nyonya or a Malaccan in this authentic township. Role play the etiquette and behaviours of the 1920’s, experience how life in the past was different from today. Believe it or not!? I watched Nyonya Memoirs for the 5th time and still, I would love to watch it again. 

Back to the 1920's

Hatten Group, one of the well-known property developer in Melaka that recently venture into cultural art, introduces its most spectacular innovation yet featuring a revolutionary new concept and a star-studded cast which explores Melaka’s iconic Peranakan heritage through a fully-interactive live environmental theatre production - NYONYA MEMOIRS.

Running for 3 months, premiering in May 2015, Hatten Group has invested RM8million to conceptualise, build and market this project on a massive scale. The inspiration for this project is in line with the State Government’s goals to highlight local culture with the main objective of promoting a deeper appreciation for our city’s Peranakan heritage. As a highly-publicised tourism attraction, Nyonya Memoirs is expected to draw in an estimate of 500,000 additional tourists to Melaka, serving as a valuable asset to Melaka’s State Tourism plans in 2015.

The cause of the hype surrounding Nyonya Memoirs is its 360° cultural experience which is unlike any other. The Nyonya Memoirs set stretches across 600 meters on Level 3, from Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall to Terminal Pahlawan and is designed in the life-sized architectural style of old town Melaka where the story of a young couple unfolds.

Grocery store

Centered on the traditions and customs of the Baba Nyonyas, the innovative new concept makes the audience part of the production by moving them with the characters from scene-to-scene, thereby unraveling a culturally informative ‘real-life’ walk down memory lane.

Grocery store

Performed in Mandarin with a mixture of Peranakan dialect, Nyonya Memoirs comprises a famous local cast and experienced backstage team from Atlantic Theatre and Production, Malaysia’s leading Theatre Production Company. Nyonya Memoirs is helmed by renowned director, James Lee, winner of the Best ASEAN Film Award with the musical score directed by Tan Yen Hue, who has worked with international artistes such as Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Toni Braxton while the cast is coached by Pearlly Chua, nominee for Best Supporting Actress at the 43rd Golden Horse Film Festival. The costumes for Nyonya Memoirs are designed by none other than Beatrice Looi, Malaysia’s top international fashion designer.

Let's take a glance at the beautiful setup of Nyonya Memoirs.

Grocery store

Grocery store

Old-time bicycle and candies store by the old street.

Camera shop - so vintage right.

Herbal tea shop

Notice board, stick with all the notice of room for rent, advertisements etc.

Old-time "mamak" stall, selling coffee, tea... and "charm".
*charm = a type of mixture drinks of coffee and tea.

Living room of a wealthy family.


The field area with a lover's swing.

JOM! Time to immerse myself in Malaysia's 1st 360° live peranakan experience. But before that, what is Nyonya Memoirs all bout?

A fateful tale of a young couple unfolds as a wealthy Nyonya, Bao Zhu, accepts the proposal from the love of her life, Zhang Min – a poor, common Baba. Their engagement soon turns bitter when Bao Zhu’s powerful and prominent family forbids the union. Divided by their social differences and driven to the deepest depths of heartache, can the true love between Bao Zhu and Zhang Min rise above to conquer all?

Ticketing counter and entrance of Nyonya Memoirs

I got my ticket and time to experience my 5th live environmental theatre production of Nyonya Memoirs.

Noodle stall
A preview of 1920's scene before entering the time capsule.

Before the show starts, public will be gathered at the entrance of time capsule first but not worried that you might feel bored because there are few Baba Nyonya setup for your viewing pleasure.

The beautiful Nyonya costume

The bedroom

The kitchen

Dining table with varieties of Nyonya delicacies

Who is this lady?
Oh! She's the housekeeper of a wealthy family who will be bringing us to the time capsule. Back to 1920's, which is right behind the red curtain.

We were greeted by this storyteller once we back in 1920's.

Dancing and singing is part of the exciting performance in Nyonya Memoirs.

The feng shui master

Zhang Min - the protagonist.

This was the 1st time I meet him, Sean Wong Ka Wai (黃嘉威) from Hong Kong who will act as Zhang Ming for 2 weeks. Yesterday was his last show in Nyonya Memoirs and this weekend onwards, Evan Siau (Malaysian) will be taking over the role again.

As he is a Hong Kongese, his Mandarin and Malay speaking is not really fluent. However, thumbs up on his braveness and definitely, there's a lot of improvement after the 2 weeks show. p/s: his singing is good too!. ^^

A little bio about Sean
Sean or Wong Ka Wai graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honour) Degree in Drama. He has been singing in various occasions since high school, and even became an amateur singer at the bar and lounge for almost six years during his time at college.

During 2007-2009, he was a Hong Kong ATV contracted artist. The TV series that he had been involved are “Hong Kong Ghostbusters”, “Sixteen don't take interest” and “Flaming Butterfly”. Besides, he also had been a guest performer in the “Tribute to Hong Kong TV Industry 50 Years Anniversary” for numerous times. In 2008, he was the host for the “Rally for China, Cheer for Heroes” during the Olympic Games.

In recent years he started to pursue his career in directing, his productions are “Too Late to Say I Love You” and “Secret Angel” by OutStanding Theatre and “Tea Harvest Love Song” by Guangzhou Orthodox Mercy-Love Association (GOMLA). Now he is a full time theatre artist, a director, an educational worker and also the president of World Orthodox Buddhism Society Hong Kong (WOBSHK).

Evan Siau (蕭文亨) - the handsome protagonist. 
Picture source from Evan Siau's Facebook.

He is tall and handsome, and good at performing too. The first 4 shows I watch was acted by him and he did improved a lot on each session thus I don't feel bored after watching several times. I'm sure he will perform even better after back from 2 weeks break. Remember to buy ticket to support him if you're his fans.

A lil bio about Evan
Evan Siau is graduated with Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre from the University of Tasmania. He started his modelling and performing arts career in year 2009.

Evan Siau has evolved into an all-rounded artiste who not only has numerous performing arts under his belt, but had also acted several domestic dramas such as Dearest Daddy, Pianissimo, The Beat, Super Hero at Home, The Liar, Break Free, etc. Lately, he acted in People like us by kissing another actor on stage and later caught viewers’ attention during his theatre.

Back to the show, the singing and dancing by the protagonist - both male and female.

A lively performance that hype up the show.

The busy-body uncle in the family.

Here come the female protagonist - Bao Zhu, by Dorothy Foo (符悅琴).

A lil bio about Dorothy
Dorothy's foray into television entertainment began in 2006. In 2010 she landed a role. To - date, her stage credit included <等爱>, < Glitz & Glamour>, <错爱>, <The moon speak for my heart>, <In perfect Harmony>, <她妈来自江湖>, <Empress Wu> and <Casa da Lua>.

The lovey dovey couple who facing many obstacles...

I really like the eye contact of Sean Wong in Nyonya Memoirs, he could bring out the expressions of depress, upset and of course, the happiness.

At the dining table for Bao Zhu's mom's birthday dinner..

... and what is happening? How come Yue Niang (Bao Zhu's mom) and Bao Zhu is so upset?

Why is the couple so nervous?

In the show, audience will be act as part of the show where the cast will look for help from them. For example, when Bao Zhu and Zhang Min plan to elope, both of them look for help from the audience to deliver the letter to each other. This is quite fun and surprise for them as audience will be part of the role play. *OK, no more surprises after I share it here. GRIN*

One of the best picture in my gallery.

*ZOOM IN* The expression, is the one that I like the most. There's anxiety, sadness and depressions through their eyes and face expressions.

@ the lover's bridge.

Beautiful costume, designed and made by Beatrice Looi (吕素君), a famous leading fashion designer in Malaysia who has been in fashion industry for more than 30 years for now.

Group picture with the full cast.

Here's the handsome Zhang Min (by Evan Siau) and pretty Bao Zhu (Dorothy) in a wedding costume.

Tentatively, Nyonya Memoirs will be showing until 19th July and if the respond is good, they might continue the show. So, go and support kay? Experience the first live environmental theatre production, and you will never regret.... I'm sure..

Showtime: Every Friday - Sunday, 4pm & 8pm
Venue:Level 3, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall @ Melaka

Ticket pricing*
    • RM52 (mykad holder)
    • RM66 (non-mykad holder)
  • CHILD (7 - 15 years old) or SENIOR CITIZEN (60 years old and above) 
    • RM26 (mykad holder)
    • RM33 (non-mykad holder)
* Terms and conditions apply.

Tickets can be purchase online or at the concierge of Hatten Hotel & Estadia by Hatten Hotel. Visit Nyonya Memoirs website or Facebook page for more exciting updates.

Alright, time to plan for next trip to Melaka.. Ciao..

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  1. I managed to catch Evan in action and I must say he is so good! Talented and extremely good looking too :P

    The rest of the cast are equally talented as well. I really enjoyed the show.

    1. handsome kan? handsome kan??!!! HAHA!!! Can't get my eyes away from him. LOL!

  2. then Merryn and me saw him sitting across our tables during breakfast time... he looks even more handsome in the morning with his casual looks.... lol ....yes, we were swooning... ;)

    1. HHAAHAAA!!! Didn't go and get his signature? yes, I like him in casual wear too! Awwww, I miss him so much. :D

  3. wow.. nice details. but already stop is it?

    1. HI Edmund,
      Yes, this show is no longer available.


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