The Memories 2014 (January - June)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

If you browse back my blog archive, I didn't post any post at all in year 2014. So, it came across my mind that I should at least have a post to share all the happenings in 2014... yeap, it will be a very long blog post with tons of pictures. *wink*

In October 2013, I changed job and joined a company in Melaka. Most of my friends and family was surprised that I will move out from KL. Since I'm still single and yet to have any kids yet, why not? Thus, most of my time was spent in Melaka in 2014.

YAY! January is my birthday month!! 

Beautiful Melaka river view at night.

Red lantern @ Jonker Street.

I was celebrating 29 on 17th January 2014.
Stepping into 30s soon.

Early birthday celebration with my colleagues in Alto Sky Lounge @ Hatten Hotel, Melaka.

This is one of the best laksa that I have in Melaka - Calanthe Art Cafe @ Jonker.

Calanthe Art Cafe is serving 13 states coffee and since I'm from Pahang, I ordered Pahang Coffe.
*forgotten how it taste*

Visited Tous Les Jours when they first opening at WOLO Bukit Bintang KL.
(Actually I back to KL almost every weekend because I can't get use with the boring lifestyle in Melaka. Thus, some of my friends told me that I don't even seems like leaving KL and work in Melaka)

Tous Les Jours at WOLO Bukit Bintang KL.

Breakfast at Tous Les Jours.

This is my first yellow maxi dress. Love it.

Birthday gift from le bf.

Doing my own manicure.

Ex-colleague visited me and my boss (Penny) in Melaka and we brought them for yummylicious Nyonya foods @ Melaka Raya. There are tons of nyonya restaurant there for you to choose.

YUM! The Nyonya dishes.

Melaka city view from Alto Sky Lounge @ Hatten Hotel Melaka.

Lunch date with bf at Ben's Pavilion.

@ Ben's Pavilion.

@ Ben's Pavilion.
2014 CNY deco @ Pavilion.

2014 CNY deco @ Pavilion.

I always love to have a mini plant in my office table.
This one was bought from the night market in Jonker, Melaka. It is still growing healthy now.

First time went for gel manicure for CNY. Beautiful right?

Accessories that I wore on 1st day of CNY.

CNY 2014.

* * *


We visited JB and Singapore during CNY since we were driving my sister back to work in Singapore.

Moonlight cafe at JB.
First time trying the rainbow cake.

Another rainbow cafe, but this is at a cafe in Singapore.
p/s: I curled my hair by myself (for the first time).

This rainbow cake taste nicer than the one in Moonlight Cafe @ JB.

Beautiful night view of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Singapore night view.

I heard many good comments about Wild Honey @ The Scott, Singapore. Thus, we were here to try their famous dishes.

Salmon with asparagus - this is one of their signature breakfast dish. No regret and indeed, it taste really yummy!!!

Valyn was here in KL!!!
I brought her to ACME BAR & Coffee.

@ ACME Bar & Coffee.

The portions for both of us - Valyn and me.
Yes, we sapu all of 'em.

Company (now ex-company) CNY luncheon.

One of my valentine's gift - another huge bear added into my bears' family.

Valentine's Day #140214

Cafe Studio @ Kota Damansara

One of the nicest corner of Cafe Studio @ Kota Damansara.

Cafe Studio @ Kota Damansara

Cafe Studio @ Kota Damansara

Latte, at Cafe Studio @ Kota Damansara

Ex-colleagues visited me in Melaka and I brought them jalan-jalan. 
This was taken at Mamee shop at Jonker.

Ex-colleagues visited me in Melaka and I brought them to Alto Sky Lounge @ Hatten Hotel Melaka. 

Healthy breakfast at Limau-Limau Cafe@ Jonker.

* * *


Dinner with sister..

Cafe hopping to Podgy & The Banker @ Hartamas.
It is a cafe with nice and cozy ambiance.

Juicing trend is slowly started and this was my first try on La Juiceria - a 3 days juice cleanses program. No food, no other drinks, purely have these drinks which is the mixture of fruits, vegetables and alkaline water.

* * *


Candy crush..

A short roadtrip to Penang & Ipoh.

ChinaHouse Cafe @ Penang.

The famous tiramisu @ ChinaHouse Cafe, Penang. 

Breakfast, in a cafe @ Penang. 

Penang wall mural - a must do and visit when you're here.

Minion @ Penang.

Cafe hopping to Ipoh - @ Burp and Giggles Cafe.

First time visited PULP cafe @ Bangsar, unfortunately full house.
I didn't visit them since after that, because went there few times also full house. T.T

* * *


Balik Kampung to Kuantan.
@ Swiss Garden which located by the beach, we always love to chill at there when there's time.

Family - who always be there for me.

Coffee of the month. 

Big breakfast @ Kaffa Cafe, TTDI.
Thanks to Groupon, we get to enjoy good food at cheaper price. 

Always love to do this in dressing room.

My hair was really long and I decided to....

Cut it short!
From waist length to shoulder length.

I visited Number 76 for the first time and I'm quite satisfy with their services.

Dinner with colleague (who is now my ex-colleague) after work .

Outing to Shah Alam - first experience in AVT ride. 
I hurt my leg but it was fun!

* * *


10th June 2014 - it was our 9th anniversary.

Anniversary dinner @ Casa de Rio, Melaka.

Crazy moment with ex-colleague.

Ex-Company annual dinner @ Hatten Hotel, Melaka.

So lovely, the welcome message was written by my younger sister.

Coffee of the month.

My working desk @ ex-company.

The signature drinks @ Oh Scooter Cafe @ USJ.
Coffee with cotton candy.

Thursdvys Cafe @ TTDI, KL.

I knew her when she was my good friend's gf. We still keeping in touch even after they broke up. 
Glad to know more friends in my life.

Coffee date with my pretty girlfriend, Ashley.

to be continued....

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