The Memories 2014 (July - December)

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Here's the 2nd half of 2014 #throwback.


Me time at Thursdvys cafe @ TTDI.

Having fun shopping with my colleagues (ex now) aka housemates. #lifeinmelaka

Our Group Corporate Communications Department Friday's #ootd #blackNwhitestripstheme

Another Friday's #ootd #pastelcolour

Buka Puasa Bersama-sama my colleagues #hattenGCC

Vegetarian organic fried rice. #gohealthy

Prepared overnight oat for the first time. #gohealthy

Vietnamese food. #gohealthy

Vegetarian popiah. YUM! #gohealthy


Family trip to Taiwan! This was the second time I traveled Taiwan, thus, I planned the itinerary and brought my family around. There are 7 of us, including my aunty and grandma.

Evening @ Puli, Taiwan.

Healthy Taiwan Breakfast.


Xi Men Ding @ Taiwan.

An early birthday celebration for my sista at Taiwan. It was a great time we spent together at this lovely cafe which provides awesome foods!


Hair is getting longer... 

Company Annual Dinner.


My first DW watch from bf.

Addicted to short hair and I went to cut it shorter again, and back to fringe.

@ The Front Door Cafe KL.

@ The Front Door Cafe KL.

The mini me (on the left). I still looks the same ya?

Just being silly..


Our department Friday #ootd #flora

The first property project I handled when I first join the company, so must take picture in front of this la~

Chill @ Genting... Once in a blue moon

at work... 

Welcoming Christmas..

With the loved ones..

I started went to gym when I work in Melaka #cozBoringLifeinMelaka #gohealthy

@ the media launch of first ever Hatten Neon Nite Run.. #iMissThemSoMuch

@ Work.. Christmas Media Launch.

X'mas polar bear @ Sunway Pyramid.

Mummy's blessed birthday in November.

with le sista.

..with le lovely grandma. #80yearold


I like the blouse and skirt but only bought the skirt. #CozQuiteExpensive

Lee Min Ho!!!! 

@ Acts Church Christmas event.

X'mas @ ACME Bar & Coffee

Penny - my boss, superior, leader and good friend!!!

31st Dec 2014 - Hatten Neon Nite Run!

Fun with colleagues and friends at Hatten Neon Nite Run, the first ever nite run we organized together. I can't wait for the next fun run again.

So, that's pretty sum up my happenings and my working life in Melaka in 2014.
In June this year (2015), I decided back to KL for good and leaving all these lovely people that I've work together for almost 2 years. #missyouguys

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