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Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunday | Beautiful day
A Slice of Summer | 夏の市集
A bazaar | All about Japanese influence

Awesome Canteen | Café
Coffee | Flat White & Latte

This is a 2-day bazaar name "A Slice of Summer", most of the products selling here are inspired by Japanese. It is quite interesting as this is not the ordinary bazaar that you can find it easily in every corner of Klang Valley.

Awesome Canteen, this is my first visit and I am falling in love with every single details decorated by the owner(s). From the interior, furniture, display to the overall environment.. Although it was kinda noisy today due to the bazaar but yet, I still enjoy spending my time in Awesome Canteen. I will definitely pay a visit again and try the foods. For this round, I only had their coffee and it taste real good!

Here are some pictures of the products by the vendors and most of the items are unique. Unique because it is handmade by the owner.

Love this little vintage corner..

The beauty of vintage.

A bouquet of dried flowers.
Each at RM45 (in this picture).

It is a very nice bouquet of dried flowers and I wanted to bring it home..
But.. I save it to buy other things.*wink*

Cotton Flower @ RM24.

Okay, spotted another bouquet of dried flowers in the washroom.

Familiar with this? The made some changes on the graphics & text, and printed on a canvas bag. *creative*

Blue - my favourite colour.

Accessories and painting.

After visited the bazaar, we ordered latte and flat white @ RM10 & RM11.
Good coffee. Love it.

Part of the interior of Awesome Canteen.
Don't you like that piece of wall which full with leaves?

I hope there will be more theme-bazaar like this in future.

Awesome Canteen
Add: 19, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya.

Business hour:
Tues - Thurs 11:00-22:00
Fri - Sat 11:00-23:00
Sun 11:00-22:00

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