Grandma's 80th Blessed Birthday

Saturday, September 19, 2015


四代同堂, 一起为外婆80岁大寿低调的庆祝一番。她的妹妹,女儿儿子,外孙和曾外孙统统到齐,为那一晚的生日晚宴更增添声色。希望外婆继续健健康康,开开心心,快快乐乐。:)

This year is our beloved grandma's 80th birthday and our family decided to have a simple birthday dinner celebration for her on 5th September. Thanks my mom for arranging everything, from the dinner, invitation to the birthday cake. 

It was a warm and lovely birthday celebration with all the attendance of the family members. Grandma's sisters, daughter and son, grandchildren and great-granddaughters. Yes, four generations. How blessed.. 

Pandan cake, simple yet delicious.

Happy grandma with one of her great-granddaughter.

..with her 3 great-granddaughter.

..with the grandchildren and great-granddaughter.

Same smile ya :) 

..with her sister.

Grandma's children.

My beloved family..

Group picture time...

Blessed 80th Birthday to our beloved grandma.... 
Wish and pray for her, to stay healthy and happy.

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