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Friday, September 04, 2015

Every time when I want to look for nice and cozy restaurant to dine with my friends, I will visit my foodies' Instagram account or blog. This time, I stumbled upon a handy app name OpenSnap which will recommend tons of places to me. It is quite easy to browse and all the information is stated clearly. Besides that, we could also recommend and share our favorite restaurant and foods in this apps too. 

I found this app last weekend, before I travel to Ipoh and Penang, so I try on this app! This app comes in 2 version - mobile and web. 

Let photos guide us to great food. 

This is the web version of Open Snap and on the top banner, we can directly to search for restaurant or dish, places and type of cuisine. If you need some recommendation, scroll down and Open Snap will have the recommendation base on few categories - nearby, new restaurant, offers nearby, popular dishes and so on which I think it is quite convenient and we could easily discover new restaurant!

List of popular dishes recommend by open snap users. *saliva is dropping*

Useful information about that particular restaurant / cafe will be listed down on individual page, from the address, contact, cuisine, price range, to reviews. and of cause tons of photos of the restaurant environment and foods. We could bookmark this restaurant for future reference too. 

There are tons of pictures shared by others and best part is, there's a rating too.

Since I'm visiting Ipoh and Penang, thus, I use Open Snap to browse for good food!!!

Open Snap will auto detect your current location and it will auto filter the location for easier browsing and recommendation. For example, Open Snap will have tabs for different location in Penang such as Air Itam, Bayan Lepas etc when I was in Penang last weekend.

Of cause, besides browsing, I would like to share the good foods with others too. These are part of the delicious dishes I had in Ipoh and Penang last weekend.

Simply click on the UPLOAD PHOTO button and these are the information that require to fill in too. 

We could also enhance the photo with different effects, adjust the brightness and add some cute stickers too.

VOILA! I'm done with uploading and share on my account.

Open Snap allow users to share home cook food too. How awesome!
.. and yes, these are the home cook food prepared by me. Big breakfast, Pan Mee and banana oat cookies. 

Have a glance at "All Photos" tab to browse all the photos uploaded by me.

Other feature offer by OpenSnap:

Overall, OpenSnap is quite easy to use and it can be your food photo diary too.
For your information, OpenSnap is product of Openrice. It is available on web, Android and iOS. Download and explore it today.

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  1. Feel like have supper by looking at those foodie photos..:D


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