Taiwan 2014: Family Annual Trip - Sneak Peek + Highlight

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I was reading a Taiwanese blog yesterday and I had an urge to share my Taiwan travelogue too, so here it goes. I traveled to Taiwan with my friends in April 2013 (further reading at here and here) and with my family in August 2014. This post will be the sneak peek and highlight of my Taiwan trip with family in 2014. 

For this trip, besides my sister and parents, my aunt and 79 years old grandma was tagged along too. You will be surprised, my grandma still fit and healthy as she can walk a lot during our trip.

Sunny day welcoming us.

It was a morning flight and as usual, the airport was so crowded with tourist. Since we will depart from KLIA2, thus, we arrived airport earlier and enjoyed our breakfast there.

Fun with the sista at KLIA2.

With le sister, my younger sis is taller than both of us.!

4 hours of flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taiwan.

Feng Jia (‎逢甲) - a place which is almost 2 hours from Taipei.

After we landed in Tao Yuan International Airport @ Taiwan, we traveled to Feng Jia  directly - almost 2 hours journey. We actually booked a driver for our days in Taiwan as it will be easier for us especially I have parents, aunt and grandma with us.

The crowds at Feng Jia.

3 of us, the sister - wearing the cute slippers prepared by the bed & breakfast owner.

When we reached Feng Jia, it was almost 7pm and we quickly check-in to our bed & breakfast first before heading to the famous night market for dinner and of cause, shopping!!! Both of my sister is the most happiest one when they know Feng Jia is one of the shopping heaven. 

Time to cari makan at the night market.

These were some of the street foods we had together.

Happy sister at Feng Jia night market.

She (Shan Shan - her name) was the driver when I first traveled to Taiwan with my friends in 2013 and she came all the way to Feng Jia to meet me. Nice catching up with her at the night market as we shopping and having street foods together. We didn't hire her as our driver for this trip because her car couldn't cater 7 of us.

Group picture with sister, Shan Shan and the boutique shop owner.

Shopping spree..

This was my second time to Feng Jia and I realized, price of the clothes, shoes, and accessories is increasing and there are more expensive compared to the first time I visit Feng Jia. Anyhow, we still managed to grab some great deals.

We were at the famous Sun Moon Lake.

The breathtaking view of Sun Moon Lake. 

Sun Moon Lake

The name of Sun Moon Lake written in Chinese, on the rock.
Yeah! The weather was killing that day.

Beautiful evening at Puli, Nantou (埔里 @ 南投縣)

Passion fruit jelly found in Puli.

Passion fruit @ Puli.

Simple dinner @ Puli.

Random walking on the street of  San Yi Old Town @ Miao Li (三义木雕街@苗栗)

Yeh Liu Beach (野柳)

The menu hanging at the entrance, most of these are the signature Taiwanese foods.

The breakfast menu at Taipei. I miss this a lot!
This is one of the stall by the street, nothing fancy but the foods taste very local and just nice.

Rice wine... honey...

Street food... similar with the "satay" in Malaysia.

Muah Chee in different flavour.

Beautiful postcard for my bff.

Post office made by thick card board.

Post box made by card board too. Cool right.

A visit to Paper Dome (paper church) - 紙教堂.

Scenic view at the Paper Dome

@ Paper Dome.

Sweet peaches but quite expensive.
We bought few and it taste really sweet & nice.

Cute puppies are every where in Taiwan and they don't really bite.

JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

This is one of our most comfortable stay in Taiwan, cosy B&B and bedroom, authentic local breakfast, breathtaking view, spacious garden area.... Thus, I will share more pictures here but the details of the B&B will be shared in separate post.

The lobby area of JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

The lobby area of JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

The spacious garden at JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

LOOK! This is the beautiful and breathtaking view that I mentioned.

JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

Simple and authentic breakfast served by JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境).

We stayed at JunYi Garden Resort Village @ Cing Jing (駿亦民宿@清境) for 2 days 1 night only and it is time to leave.

Friendly lamb / sheeps at Qing Jing Farm (清境農場青青草原).

Qing Jing Farm (清境農場青青草原)

Qing Jing Farm (清境農場青青草原)

Happy mom, happy dad, happy aunt and happy grandma at Qing Jing Farm (清境農場青青草原).,

With le lovely grandma. I'm glad and blessed to have her in this trip.

Qing Jing Farm (清境農場青青草原)

Qing Jing Farm (清境農場青青草原)
I'm actually quite far away from the sheep. HAHA

Qing Jing Farm (清境農場青青草原)

Xi Men Ding @ Taipei - this is one of the tourist must-come places.

Simple ootd at Taipei, the city of Taiwan.

This is part of the sneak peek and highlight of our trip in Taiwan. For sure, this is definitely one of the memorable family trip together... more to come (if I have time to blog about it).

till then..

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  1. Hi I like your travel blog. Do you still have the driver contact that you can share. Planning to go cing jing.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks. Yes, I still have the contact unfortunately, she's taking a break now as she's just give birth to a cute baby girl.


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