The Beauty of Ipoh

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Me and friends organized a free & easy 3 days 2 nights road trip to Ipoh and Penang on Malayisa Public Holiday (Malaysia is celebrating 58th Independent Day this year) last August. We stayed at Ipoh and Penang for 2 days 1 night at each place.

When you're reading this post, I'm on my way to Melaka for a 2 days 1 night road trip. Who doesn't like road trip, right? Yeah, September and October is a busy month for me because there are few trip that awaiting me!!!! 

I've been blog about foodssss in previous few post and so, this post I would like to take a break on sharing delectable foods and here, a short post about "The Beauty of Ipoh". Ipoh is the main city of Perak which needs around 2 and half journey from Kuala Lumpur. Ipoh is getting prettier and I feel that, Penang has actually lose to Ipoh in term of the "beauty". LOL.

Enjoy these beautiful photos as much as I do.
All the picture were taken with Sony Alpha A5100.

 The last time I stepped in Ipoh was 1 year ago and I'm back again to explore this city.


 "walk-thru" coffee on the go.
If you have time, you can actually enjoy the coffee in their cafes.

 Although it seems like an abandon unit, but I still can see and feel the beauty of it. 

 "Hello... postman.. Thanks for delivering my letters."

 This is one of the famous cafe in Ipoh town - Burps & Giggles and I've yet to pay a visit.

 Burps & Giggles Cafe main entrance.

 The first even Plan B Restaurant at Ipoh town.

 Old style pub.

 Anyone need a new haircut?

 One of the attraction in Ipoh is the wall mural but most of the mural is destroy and nobody to repair it.

 The flower of "HOPE". (I added  this sentence by myself).

 This is one of my favourite wall murall too which using black and white painting to showcase the old times of "Ipoh" (I think is Ipoh, couldn't be where else right?) 

Beautiful white and red colour umbrella at Market Lane.

Most of the pictures were taken at the city center of Ipoh / tourist spots such as Jalan Market. You gotta continue to walk and tour around this area, because I'm sure you will enjoy to experience the beauty of Ipoh, just like me.

till then..

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