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Monday, November 30, 2015

One of the new resolution in year 2015 is to learn something new or to have another new hobby. Few of my new hobby and learning is actually.... continue to learn the Korean language. I learn the basic of Korean language through online, by downloading the apps in my mobile phone, buy many books (until my bf don't allow me to buy anymore books. lol). I learn how to write, pronounce and to speak some basic sentence / conversation. My Korean is still really bad now actually because I didn't practice consistently and didn't practice really hard. I will still continue learning it because I really like it.

Another new hobby is CALLIGRAPHY!!! I always love hand written text and calligraphy, thus I google for basic classes in KL. I wanna learn calligraphy!

Too bad, most of the classes were fully booked and the fees ain't cheap, it cost RM300 and above for 4 - 6 hours class. Few months back, my colleague told me that her friend is actually teaching calligraphy. Fees is quite cheap compared to others, RM280 per class per session (3 and half hour). Without any hesitation, I booked for the basic class in October which conducted by Denise from DC Calligraphy.

Each student will have a set of calligraphy tool and our customised name card in calligraphy font! So lovely.

What I will get from the RM280 that I paid?
3.5 hours of learning the art of modern calligraphy in a creative and intimate atmosphere accompanied with delicious food and drinks. 

I received a calligraphy starter kit that contains:
  • a straight holder
  • an oblique holder
  • a jar of black ink
  • 2 nibs
  • handout notes with alphabet guides
  • practice sheets

The starter kit is for me to use in class and to take home. In this class, I learn and practice strokes and lettering, as well as getting one-on-one help from the instructor - the pretty Ms Denise. 

The useful handout notes and practice sheets + 2 nibs

The nibs - Nikko G and Extra Fine No 22.

There will be 2 holder provided too - a straight holder and an oblique holder.
The ink - Sumi moon palace, the ink will dry in a mere moment and thus, our worksheet won't easily get dirty.

Denise from DC Calligraphy explaining the basic of calligraphy, the tools, how should we hold, how should we write and many more. She will share with us what's the different of traditional and modern calligraphy.

Me & sister attended the class together. We were holding our hand written calligraphy quotes, we still need to practice a lot!! I think my sister writing is better than mine.

At the end of every class, we will be given a card and to write a quote (given by the instructor). 

Quotes written by other students.

My calligraphy on worksheet. It look nice when I wrote on the practice sheet because there are lines. It is definitely a fun class and there are a lot a lot of practice needed in order to write beautiful calligraphy.

So, now I can write beautiful calligraphy for my friends already. But before that, time to practice now!!

If you're interested in calligraphy, you may check out Denise Facebook page or website.

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