Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery & Cafe @ Kepong

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Before we depart to Ipoh, we gotta fetch a friend in Kepong and thus, we decided to head over to Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery & Cafe for breakfast. This was my first time visit a cafe at Kepong, and this might be the first and only time?

Some people might not know about Take Eat Easy Cafe but if you mention "the light bulb drinks", they might know about it. 

Here, the fruit juice in a light bulb. Creative isn't it?
Best part of it, you can actually bring back this light bulb bottle without any additional charges.

The menu.

They have extensive menu to satisfy your taste buds.

The interior is quite modern with comfortable sofa seats. The dining area is quite big, but the tables allocated is limited as most of the space occupy by the big sofa chairs. 

The morning crowds were quite crowded and we Q for almost 20 mins for our table.

There are breads and pastries display at the front counter and thus we chosen 2 types of breads while waiting for our food & drinks to be served. 
Nothing will goes wrong with chicken floss bread, it just simply yummy. :p

erm.... not too sure what's the name for this. The outer was rather hard and it took us few seconds to cut into half.

Although the outer was quite hard, but the inner was chewy and soft. NOT fluffy yea.
I think this is like the mochi (but harder version). :D
p/s: it's not to my liking.

Juices in light bulb.

The coffee was really poor! We ordered cafe latte, cappuccino, tiramisu coffee... End up, all the drinks look the same, exactly the same one as the picture above. Even the colour of the coffee was the same. -.- Seriously... speechless. We feedback to the outlet manager, and they willing to make 2nd cup for us... Yet, sama aje.  We gave up already. LOL

The portion was quite small and I don't really have appetite coz of the white bread.. looks like food for patient. "best" part was, the food was cold. -.-"

Anyway, there are bread with ham + egg, fried potato (kalau x salah), baked beans and salad. 

Our big breakfast. Looks good yea.

3 x breads, cherry tomatos, salad, scramble eggs, sausage, mushroom, fried potato, ham, baked beans...

I'm quite disappointed with their big breakfast as well.

This post is storing in my draft for months already and I was in the dilemma whether should I blog about it since I've really bad experience.. Anyway, I think they deserve another chance as they really put effort in the menu and interior of the cafe. Thus, here the post.

I hope they will improve by now or in the future. 

Cute statue at the front entrance, kids really love it.

Simply #yvesootd, gotta depart to Ipoh after our breakfast lu..

Take Eat Easy
Ground Floor-2, Wisma Fiamma,
No.20, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara
52200, Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 8.30am to 10.30pm

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