Umeshu Sushi & Bar 梅子屋 @ Glenmarie Shah Alam

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I wouldn't know there's this shop serving such delicious Japanese foods at Glenmarie area if my friend didn't tell me about the existence of this Japanese restaurant. Most importantly, the price is really affordable and value for money.

Umeshu Sushi & Bar (梅子屋) is located at Glenmarie Shah Alam, a place that I would not visit because it is far from my stay and, I always have a thought that Glenmarie is a place with many factory only and there's not a right place to hunt for good food perhaps. But I'm wrong!

We kick-start the dinner with appetizer and one of the common one would be edamame for sure.

Edamame - RM3.30

Soba Avocado Salad - RM10.90
Cold buckwheat noodles, vegetable, tofu, cucumber, cherry tomatos, avocado, corns served with dressing. A plate of health salad with awesome and wholesome ingredients, where else you can find it with this price?

Jikasei Niju Miso Hiyayakko - RM5.30
It is cold todu with Umeshue met miso. Another appetizer that will tantalize your taste bud.

Salmon Avocado Salad- RM6.90
This is one of my favourite too, the salad is very refreshing and the combination of salmon + avocado is simply best!

Kaki Fry - RM14.90
Crispy fried oyster with tartar sauce.

It is too heaty and thus I only had half piece. The outer skin is crispy and inner is the soft & fresh oyster.

Bavaria Pomegranate / Bavaria Peach - RM4.30
Before any green tea or umeshu drinks is serve, we were introduced to this non-alcohol drinks. Kids can have it too.

Tempura Moriawase - RM15.90
How could we not ordering this when dine in a Japanese restaurant? There are deep fried prawn, eggplants, capsicum, pumpkin, mushroom served with tempura sauce.

Tempura Mantis Prawn - RM8.90

Ika Maruyaki - RM15.90
First time having roasted squid in a Japanese restaurant. It taste nice even thought I don't dip in the sauce. Simply delicious and chewy, smell good too!

Salmon Kabuto Teriyaki - RM10.90
BBQ salmon head

Saba Hiraki - RM14.90
Fresh roasted mackerel.

Gomoku Kamameshi - RM20.90
This is one of the best dishes for that night and all of us would love to come back for second time. This hot pot of rice comes with shimeji mushroom, shredded aburage burdock, salmon, scallop, prawns, and chicken. When it served, we were told to wait for 15 - 20 minuted before enjoy this scrumptious pot of rice.

Unagi Kamameshi - RM29.90
This is similar with the previous one but for this, it comes with unagi, and mushroom. Again, we have to wait for 15 - 20 minutes before start to enjoy it.

Teppan Gyu Steak - RM18.90
Perhaps some east meets west style of teppanyaki beef?

Ishiyaki Curry Udon - RM10.90
This is one of the signature dishes of Umeshu. Thick and silky udon in a rish Japanese curry broth topped with seafood and a crispy tempura coated egg.

Ishiyaki Salmon Tobiko - RM15.90
Salmon and flying fish roe rice

Salmon Zukushi - RM16.90
Perfect combination for sushi lovers - fresh raw salmon, salmon sushi, salmon mayo.

Aburi Salmon Sushi - RM4.90
Half cook salmon belly with teriyaki sauce.

Umeshu Special Fried Salmon Roll - RM13.90
Raw salmon cucumber, fish roe, cheese.

Rainbow Roll - RM15.90
Colourful roll (raw salmon, tuna, yellow tail, avocado roll)

Goka Irodori - RM16.90
Deluxe assorted (raw salmon, scallop, cooked prawn, fish roe & mayo)

Looks so tender and juicy, right?

Umeshu Sushi & Bar serve varieties of sushi with reasonable price. Thus, do check out at their restaurant today. We were quite satisfy with most of the dishes served that night. Of cause, not to forget the good companion and friends.

This dishes is not in the menu. Chef simply cooked and mixed the salmon bone with vegetables. Surprisingly, it turns out quite delicious too. Good try ya, chef.

Before the dinner is end, we ordered a bottle of Choya Umeshu (big size) - RM99.90.
It is at room temperature yet it still taste good.

They are offering food delivery service too, either through or they could deliver to your doorstep too if you're staying nearby.

Umeshu has a very simple interior design and dining setup.

Umeshu Sushi & Bar 梅子屋
8, Jalan U1/36, Glenmarie Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam.
03-5567 9692

Business hour: 
Mon - Sun 10am - 9pm
p/s: call to avoid disappointment on Sunday.

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  1. i usually don't visit glenmarie either, but this place looks like a great reason to go ... i think i'd order the salmon and flying fish roe rice - i see an egg yolk resting on the rice, great to mix with the other ingredients :)

    1. Yeah! that's one of my favourite too! :)


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