November 2015 Highlights

Thursday, December 10, 2015

We will be welcoming 2016 soon in less than a month. Time flies!!!! But before the welcoming part, November and December 2015 is a busy month for me. In November, my calendar is really full even on weekday and it was really a contented month where I enjoyed my time with my family and friends, road trip, shopping, Christmas food review, and many more. 

Here are some the highlights which I wish to record in my mini space. 

7 - 9 NOV
❤ Road trip to Singapore & Johor.
My sister, the 2nd daughter of Sam's family is going back to Singapore for good again. She faces the dilemma when her ex-boss offer her the job again months ago, so after months of prayer and consideration, she make up her mind! Me, the eldest sister playing the role of the father was helping her to move all her stuff and drove her from KL to Singapore. Thus, we took this opportunity to visit Singapore again and to JB as well, 2 days 1 night at each place.

Part of the Christmas deco at ION Orchard, that's really early right?

@ ION Orchard, with my shopping haul.

Shopping haul @ Singapore.
FURTHER READING on my road trip to Singapore & Johor

14 NOV
❤ Working Saturday
❤ Cafe hop to Le Pont Boulangerie, Old Klang Road
❤ Friend's open house

Today's schedule is really full but contented!
It was my working Saturday, and it was so nice of my bf to fetch me to work. After work, he brought me to Le Pont Boulangerie which located at Old Klang Road for tea time before we are going to friends' gathering dinner.

Le Pont Boulangerie is a 3-storey cafe which serve pastries, main course and coffee of course.

Beautiful minimalist interior design at ground floor.

Ground floor view from 1st floor.

We ordered risotto, waffle, iced latte and rose latte.
The waffles taste really really good, very fluffy and served warm. But the rose latte, I'm not really recommended, because I could only taste the rose syrup, but not the coffee.

Le Pont Boulangerie
6, Lorong 1/137c, Batu 5, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.

Steamboat dinner at friend's new house at Old Klang Road. It was night with only close friends invited to this dinner. There were wide spread of steamboat ingredients, prawns, squids, bacon, mushrooms..... YUM!!! 

15 NOV
❤ Brunch at Zen & Co Japanese Fusion & Coffee
We were invited by a friend to have brunch together at Zen & Co Japanese Fusion & Coffee, a cafe located at Taman Gembira. This cafe is quite new and thus I found only 2 - 3 bloggers blog about it. 

Nowadays, most of the cafe serve coffee, western food and desserts only. But Zen & Co is offering more than that, they venture into Japanese cuisine as well. We were quite satisfy with the foods overall, will be back again to try other dishes *wink*.

Coffee ice cube matcha - it is a mixture of coffee ice cube, matcha, espresso and milk. Mix everything together and VOILA! There goes my matcha coffee.

Salmon spaghetti, mushroom spaghetti and Japanese rice with chicken.

Zen & Co Japanese Fusion & Coffee
No. 10 Jalan Lazat 2 , Taman Gembira, 58200 KL.

16 NOV
❤ Dinner with Eunice Lim

It has been awhile since the our last meet up. Since I'm working in USJ and she's staying in Puchong, we decided to have our dinner at Setia Walk. A bowl of porridge full with goodies at Reminisce Cafe 舊相好.

19 NOV
❤ Christmas food review at Tous les Jours @ Empire Gallery, Subang.

It was my first Christmas food review this year, Tous les Jours offering Christmas set dinner at affordable price at only RM48.90 for 3-course, inclusive a drinks.

➤ FURTHER READING on Christmas food review @ Tous les Jours -

X'mas deco at the main entrance of Empire Gallery.

21 NOV
❤ Brunch date with the cutie pie!
❤ Shopping day @ Sunway Pyramid

On 31 August 2015, Chin Lu (my uni senior) gave birth to a baby girl name Lew Rogene, cute baby with fair skin and beautiful eyes. No doubt, she's such a cutie pie. Ever since she posted her baby girl on social media site, everyone can't wait to meet this baby, same to me of course. *grin*

After 3 months of maternity leave (such a blessed mom who working in the bank who can enjoy 3-month long leave), we had set our next meet up session. Namoo Grey @ IOI City Mall is the place.

Cosy environment of Namoo Grey with spacious dining area, it will be easier for customers who come with the baby stroller. That's one of the main reason I choose Namoo Grey. :)

The signature rice burger is really good!!! Not to be missed ya.

Finally we meet la, baby Rogene aka 晴天娃娃.

➤ FURTHER READING to view more pictures of baby Rogene

X'mas decorations at Sunway Pyramid, I'm kinda disappointed with this year deco. :(

Atlantis theme for this year X'mas deco.

Since I don't really enjoy their X'mas deco, I went shopping instead.
Both shopping bag of H&M and innisfree is in green + white. #lovely

Can guess which one I bought? dress or jumpsuit?

My shopping haul at innisfree, #happygal

I heard many good review of their volcanic pore clay mask. This is the upgraded version called "SUPER volcanic pore clay mask".

This is X'mas limited set which comes with Jeju volcanic pore toner and Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam. I use the volcanic pore clay mask for 3 times thus far but didn't really have any visible result. I will still continue to use it.

Capsule mask pack, I haven't start using it. 

Free gift by innisfree - mini version of super volcanic pore clay mask (convenient pack to bring for travel), orchid enriched cream and green tea seed serum (this one smell good).

After shopping, movie time.. we watched The Hunger Games Mockingjay, the story line for this series is quite boring, I don't really enjoy the show.

22 NOV
❤ BBQ open house
❤ 8th years of friendship celebration

Another friend of mine bought a house and finally officially move in on 22 November 2015. On the same day, we have a BBQ night at her house. First to congrats her on achieving another milestone and secondly, to celebrate our 8th years of friendship. I knew all of them when I first join the company after I graduated from University.

 How time flies.. 在我毕业后的第一家公司工作时,就认识了这一班朋友。我们一起经历了我们最青春的20s ,八年后的今天, 虽然我们正在迈入人生另个阶段了。。但我们依然保持联络,每天早上都会在whatsapp group 里说声"早安",时不时会一起出游,很随行的说吃饭/喝茶就去了。。大家之间都很"真", 是个很难得的友谊。愿我们友谊永固。

That's us. There's another friend is currently working in Singapore and she couldn't join us on this meaningful celebration.

24 NOV
❤ Christmas food review at House, GTower

Christmas Platter for 3 - 4 pax.
➤ FURTHER READING on Christmas food review @ House, GTower -

26 - 28 NOV
❤ Sister graduation
❤ Family gathering
❤ Mom's birthday

My youngest sister - Phoebe completed her secondary education and before the new year approaching and she entering into college, she make good use of her free time. 3 months back, she join on a short 3-month course in Bible School at USJ, Subang.

Time flies, she had finished her 3-month bible course and on 26 Nov 2015 was her graduation night. It was also our mom's birthday but since the graduation ended late, thus, we celebrate mom's birthday on next day.

Here's the testimony written by my sister which printed in their graduation booklet.

On the next day (27 Nov), we had a lovely family dinner together, also it was a mini birthday celebration for our mom. I brought them to Padi @ SetiaWalk, Puchong because they have extensive menu and I would like to order the Japanese Cheese Cake for my family.

We ordered chocolate cake and Japanese cheese cake after our meal. A little candle to wish my mommy stay healthy and happy. As simple as that. :)

Our delicious meal at Padi, SetiaWalk. All of us enjoyed the dinner and happy with the food.

Papa and mommy at SetiaWalk.

My parents and sister suppose to back to Kuantan the next day (Saturday) but my bf gave them a surprise / gift by booking a room in Empire Hotel so they can have a good stay in KL.

On the next day, I meet my parents & sister at Empire Shopping Gallery after they check-in @ the hotel. We spent some quality time at Toast Box @ 4pm.

Ahh~ my youngest sister is getting pettier... and I heard, she got admire. 

28 NOV
❤ Working Saturday
❤ Catch up with Canny (my ex-colleague & ex ex-colleague)

It was another working Saturday, and bf fetch me to work again. Since we are early, we went for dim sum opposite my work place. I had this yam custard bun for the first time, it taste good also but the taste of egg yolk custard bun will be heavier.

29 NOV
❤ Christmas food review at THYME Kiara @ Solaris KL

Third Christmas food review this month.
THYME Kiara @ Solaris KL is own by a British couple and they are really kind to invite us for an early Christmas brunch.

The Christmas turkey!!!!

It was indeed a nice gathering with my fellow blogger friends to enjoyed the delectable Christmas spread together.

I will blog about the Christmas set serve by THYME Kiara soon. Stay tuned.

Tea time at My Feelings Coffee by LewisGene 我的感覺。咖啡館。
This is the second outlet of LewisGene.

The price of the coffee and food is really expensive, I don't think I will go back again.

At first, I'm thinking to have this famous Korean BBQ - Sae Ma Eul for dinner but it was too crowded and I think it would be great to enjoy with more friends, so we could eat more!

We went to banana leave @ Bangsar.
It was a pathetic banana leave because the waiter told us, "sayur habis" (no more vegetable) and thus, I guess that's the reason they gave us such a huge portion of rice even though we told them stop adding more rice. This banana leave is located behind Nirwana (corner shop). I still prefer Nirwana.....

30 NOV
❤ Unplanned dinner at Shepherd Star Coffee @ Sg Long

It was Monday, friend was suggesting dinner together after work.
We went to Shepherd Star Coffee at Sg Long, I google-d but failed to get any information, I can't even get their fb page, I think they didn't create any yet.

The foods were.... really normal. I will not recommend my friends to visit. With the price given, I can get better food at other cafe. 

My comments: 
  • Spaghetti - no difference with my homecook spaghetti
  • Burger with charcoal bun - it seems like the patty bought from the hypermarket, taste like ramli burger. Really! Overprice. 
  • Pizza - I would prefer thin-crust pizza. The bun is thicker than the toppings, it seems like I'm eating a bread instead.
  • Salmon croissant - acceptable.
Anyway, I hope they will improve on the drinks and food.

Shepherd Star Coffee
12A, Jalan SL 1/3, Bandar Sg Long, 43100 Cheras, Selangor. - this is the fb check in page where the customers check in and share the pictures taken at Shepherd Star.

Other happenings
❤ Hangout with bf - he's always busy with work, almost OT till late everyday, even on weekend also he will work from home. Still, we will have some quality time together and share with each other on the daily happenings, about work, talk non-sense and many more.
❤ Calligraphy practice 
         ➤ FURTHER READING on my first calligraphy class -
❤ and last but not least, of course >>> work work work so that I could spend on all the above. *grin*

A quick one, have a cuppa at Coffee Societe before back to office.

Japanese souvenir from my GM.

Fresh corn, all the way from Cameron Highlands. 
My friends back to Cameron Highlands (her hometown), and she brought 10 fresh corns and whole boxes of cherry tomato for me. So touching!

yummy bak kut teh @ Seri Kembangan.

Homecooked lunch, to bring to work.
Organic spinach noodles, corns and cherry tomato from Cameron.

I was doing spring cleaning for my HDD and browsed all the photos.
This is one of the photo taken with my bff who is currently living in Melbourne. It was her first photography art exhibition at Central Market, Pasar Seni and I surely must show my support by attending the exhibition. There were tons of photos we took together, I really miss those good time we spent together, and always think of the pose to be taken. After browsing all the photo album, I decided to give her a surprise by..... *will remain a secret until I complete the "project"*.

She has an awesome blog with beautiful photos and good writing too. Visit her at "Her Name is Wei Wei" -

My favourite festive season is here again! I will not miss the Starbucks Christmas drinks every year, and my all time favourite is the hot peppermint mocha. 

Every year, I will collect the Starbucks Christmas card and same goes with this year.

December gonna be another awesome month!!
till then..

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  1. Your November is so happening, especially filled with so many delicious and yummy food. I guess my bf is so alike your bf too, work so late almost everynight, even working on weekend and public holiday too.

    By the way, did you edit your photos using any apps or software? The colour seems so calm and amazing outcome.

    1. Hey Diana, most of the photos I posted here edited with Aillis app, and some time will have the double editing in VSCO. Depends on the mode that I wanna bring out. :)


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