Another Blessed Birthday, Blessed Year 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

#yvesblessed30th, this is the hashtag that I've been added in most of the photos I posted in my Instagram in the year of 2015. Yes, I was 30th last year and it was a meaningful one because you will go though the age of 30 only once in a life time. Hence, the hashtag. 

Today is the 18th day of 2016 and yesterday was my 31st birthday #17Jan. I didn't feel upset that I'm no longer in the 20s, I only feel sigh for the time flies like an arrow. Anyway, this year will be another #blessed2016. My life isn't smooth all the time, but I will always give thanks to God and feel blessed with all the people I know, and things that happened to me no matter good or bad. It is a lesson to learn if that's a bad incident. So, stay positive and happy.

Here are the highlights of my pre-birthday outing and on the actual birthday day. *grin*

16 January 2016....

The last day of being 30 before turning into 31 #16Jan.

Dinner date with friends at Pavilion KL.

Nope, they are not the friends I dated.
I was so lucky to bump into my ex-colleague in Pavilion. Hence, here's the group picture.

Initially, we wanna visit Rocku but the queue was crazily long thus we choose the restaurant opposite Rocku - Pigs & Wolf.

p/s: this picture was taken after the mall & outlet closed.

Pigs & Wolf is under the same management of Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar who is serving all types of porky dishes. We got attracted by the juicy ribs in the poster and thus we decide to give it a try.

This is part of the interior of Pigs & Wolf.

The sinful Cheesy Piggy Fries with the extra cheesy sauce and smoked bacon bits.

The highlight of the night - THE BIG BAD RIBS!!! @ RM85
The tenderness and juiciness of the ribs were really awesome!!!

There are 3 January babies here, and thus, it was a gathering + birthday dinner together la..

Eunice just came back from Korea and she gave me a red lipstick as one of my souvenir. I applied it immediately on my lips, that's the first ever red lipstick I have in my bag now.

The January babies, trying to act cute.
Ok, I admit, I'm the one who requested to pose together. :p

I wanna show off my red lips. muacks..

The supper @ Caffeinees, Kampung Pandan after the dinner.

17 January 2016.
HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! and to my youngest sister - Phoebe.

Woke up in the morning, wash up, dress up and vrrroooommm to IOI City Mall @ Putrajaya because I have a breakfast date with my girl friend. I know her through my bf because both of them are colleagues who's working in the same firm now. We only know for 2 - 3 months but we are so close now, I mean, we can really talk a lot, and dinner together after work. 

We choose to have Chinese food instead of the English breakfast / cafe's food. I proposed to dine at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (香港盛記甜品) which served Chinese / Hong Kong dishes such as dim sum, wantan noodles, rice and many more, there are also wide selections of drinks and dessert. This was my 4 - 5th times here because their foods were really good.

We ordered wantan noodle soup, steamed custard bun, snowy Char Siew bun, Mui Choy Kau Yoke rice, crispy fish skin.... By the way, there were 3 of us. 

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert 香港盛記甜品
LG, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Meet my girl friend - Yun Yi.

 CNY decorations at IOI City Mall.
That's the wishing tree rotating at the center of the concourse.

After meeting my girl friend, I have another date with my ex-colleague at IOI City Mall too. I chosen Madame Waffles as I always wanna try their famous waffle, finally dream comes true! *drama*.

Look at the waffle, so tempting right? How could you say NO to dessert?

Rose latte & flat white, not too bad.

We ordered the most expensive one - Waffle Combo @ RM30. There are 2 pieces of waffle (original and green tea flavour) which topped with banana, red beans and strawberry, 2 scoops of ice cream, blueberries and a dash of cream.

The waffles were served warm and thus, it taste really good!!! Most of us prefer the original flavour because the aromatic of the waffle was stronger compared to the green tea flavour.

The ex-colleagues who came all the way from Melaka.
Love you guys, thanks for the treats and pressies.

It was a day full with outings, meeting friends, and at night, it was a dinner birthday date with my loved ones. This time, he choose the place instead of me. Thus, I didn't know where is the dinner until we arrive.

The lovebirds.

Do you know where is this?

It is a sky dining restaurant where you can enjoy the beautiful night view of KL city.

We ordered a 6-course and 4-course meal.
Each dish comes with a beautiful presentation and most importantly, the foods were really great. Thanks for the beautiful and memorable birthday dinner.

Officially 31st.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

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  1. Love your outfit on dating with boyfie :)
    Happy Birthday again, muaks and hugs!

  2. You ate too much. You look fat.


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